9 Best Dog Wipes [TOP PICKS & GUIDE]

dog parents cleaning dogs ear using pet ear wipes


  • Where is it made ofThis material is the common one you’ll find in the best dog toys since they are stable and a match for a pooch that chews like there's no tomorrow. Most doggie toy or chew toys are ball, stick or bone-shaped so they will maintain their forms while not getting damaged for a long time. Hard rubber also makes for an excellent bouncing toy, and some are buoyant as well. Also, hard rubber dog toys are easy to clean by hand or dishwasher.
  • Your dog's sensitivitySome dogs are overly sensitive when it comes to the chemicals applied to their skin. If you know your dog to have some allergic reactions with several compounds such as shampoos and dog baths, it's best that you purchase hypoallergenic pet wipes. Also, if your dog suffers from hypersensitivity conditions, the more reason you should invest in dog wipes.
  • The smell of the pet wipesThere are several cleansing wipes that are available in the market that has a fruity or strong odor. However, if you know that your dog isn't very much keen on this, then you should look for unscented puppy wipes. Usually, antibacterial wipes for dogs don't have a strong scent that pups may be allergic to. But if you want your dog to be smelling clean and fresh after wiping, then go ahead and choose a more fruity and sweet-smelling puppy wipes. 
  • What is it used for  If you think that there's only one general dog wipes available, then you're wrong about that. There are actually a variety of dog wipes you can choose from, depending on what is it used for. There are dog grooming wipes, dental and ear wipes. So, before buying, you should gauge what kind of dog wipes will you need to get for your pup. Or even better, get every variant! 



Dog Grooming Wipes

If you're looking for all-around pet cleaning wipes, then this one is the most recommended. Dog grooming wipes can be used for grooming, paw cleaning, yeast, fungal, and bacterial infections. This is more of a multipurpose one but basically, it is for cleaning your pup's behind and paws after pooping. Also, it's important to note that dog grooming wipes are usually scented since it's kind of an alternative or a quick clean option for a full bath. Not only that you're going to have a clean dog after using this, but he'll also be smelling fresh afterward!

Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes

This is the same with antiseptic and antibacterial grooming wipes. Usually, this type of dog wipes eradicated the possibility for skin infections that are caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, microbes, acne, grease, and ringworm. These are also the dog wipes for allergies which you can use to prevent them from getting irritable skin infections. It's also recommended for pups that have more sensitive skin than the average canine.

Dog Dental Wipes

Like humans, dogs should have their teeth clean as much as possible too. However, brushing your pup's teeth isn't exactly as easy as you think it would be. Of course, there will be lots of waggling around from your dog which will make it hard for you to deal with it. Thus, there is an alternative for that which are dental dog wipes. In this way, you're not only going to remove all the bacteria stuck in your dog's teeth, but you're also keeping his breath and smile smelling and looking good! 

Dog Ear Wipes

Again, like us, dogs also develop some wax and unwanted dirty like debris inside their ears. If we have earbuds to clean our ears, then wouldn't dogs have one too? Yes, they have. But this is actually more dangerous for pups as they could move around while getting their ears cleaned. Hence, earbuds in a stick wouldn't be recommended for safety purposes. Instead, you can buy dog ear wipes to clean out your dog's ears. Not only that this is a safe alternative, but it's also as effective, too!

Dog Eye Wipes

Have you ever wanted to remove your dog's morning glory and tear stains from his eyes but you're too afraid that your nails could go directly into his eye? Then worry no more, because there are a dog eye wipes you can use for that. It's a safe and hygienic way for you to remove the dirt trapped along with your pup's eyes!


If you've had it your way, you wouldn't think that buying dog wipes should be one of your primary purchases since there are baby wipes you can use. But that's not the case. You should know by now that baby, or human wipes have alcohol and propylene glycol in them. These two are not deadly to dogs, but they are toxic. Exposure to these kinds of chemicals can lead them to have diseases and illnesses. This is the reason why you would need to invest in wipes formulated especially for dogs.

There are different uses when it comes to wipes for dogs. For example, your pup has just finished pooping, and there might be a chance that your pup's paws could have stepped on his excretion. So now, the bacteria is not only in his butt, but it's also all over his paws, as well. At the same time, you might not see it with your naked eyes, but your home's surfaces could be filled with dog poop microorganisms which could now be of harm to you and your family.

Dog grooming and bath wipes are useful not only when you're in the house but when you're also traveling as well. It's not all the time that you have access to running water which you can use to clean up your dog's wastes. So, for an easy and comfortable experience, it's better that you stash up with these travel-friendly pet wipes. Also, there will be times wherein you'd have to clean out your dog's ears, eyes, and teeth. Dog wipes that are specially formulated for these parts would also be of help.


Yes and no. This may confuse you, but it’s actually the right answer for your question. Basically, yes, of course, you can use antibacterial wipes for your dogs. But no, you cannot use the wipes specifically formulated for humans. You can, however, opt to buy hypoallergenic dog wipes which can surely be safe and effective for your canine.


If by regular wipes, you mean human wipes, then no you cannot use them on your dog. Human wipes contain alcohol and propylene glycol in them as their key ingredients which are toxic to dogs. There is a reason why there are dog wipes. So, if we were you, we wouldn’t risk exposing our pups to these kinds of harmful chemicals. Also, in the long run, their health will be the ones affected by just not using wipes that are made specifically for dogs.


Yes. Dog wipes are 100% safe for dogs as it is specially formulated to have a more alkaline pH level for them. If your dog is on the more sensitive side, then there are other hypoallergenic pet wipes and antibacterial wipes for dogs available in the market.


Dog wipes are pretty straightforward to use. Just treat it like a wet tissue that you’re using to clean out your dog’s body.


This would depend on the formulation of the wipes you have. Of course, dog wipes that have a stronger formulation could pose some irritations to your pup so it’s advised that you should only use this for quite some time. However, if the dog wipes you have purchased are for general use, then you can use it to dry on your dog daily!



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Are you looking for a skin-safe, organic and healthy way to protect your pet’s eye health? The wait is over. The premium Arava Pet Eye cleaning wipes are the quickest and most efficient solution to your pet’s eye area issues. Ideal for pets with crusty, “sleepy” eyes, our elite eye wipes will soothe dry, itchy eyes, prevent allergies and leave your pet’s eyes area clean and healthy!

We have made sure that our exclusive pet eye wipes with the most delicate cleaning components enriched with botanical, organic extracts, such as Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Lion’s Tooth, Eyebright, Vitamins D, E, B5 and our unique signature blend of Dead Sea minerals. As a result, you can rest assured that the Arava Pet Wipes are made for sensitive eyes. Our unique, hypoallergenic formula is 100% hazardous chemical-free, which allows it to reduce irritation and promote eye health.

You can use our elite pet wipes on a wide variety of animals, from cats and dogs to even horses! Your beloved friend will be delighted by our allergy-free, soft and gentle wipes, which will eliminate any discomfort and irritation. We know that your precious pet deserves top priority treatment, that’s why our stunning Arava Wipes are the perfect solution to your problems.

The Arava Pet wipes cleaner also contains an exquisite blend of 26 healthy Dead Sea minerals, that skyrocket our formula’s efficiency and soothing powers! Rich in sulfur, sodium, magnesium, calcium and numerous other, exclusive to the Dead Sea, minerals the Arava wipes


  • Tear-free eyes; recommended for dogs with crusty and sleepy eyes
  • Prevents new tears stains
  • Free of chemicals and bleach
  • Enriched with natural ingredients that are particularly safe for dogs
  • Made for sensitive eyes


  • Can be used for pups that have sensitive eyes
  • There are a 30 days risk-free guarantee provided by the company
  • This can be used for dogs that have allergies


  • It has a lower formulation concentration compared to other dog wipes
  • When it's not stored correctly, it can dry off quickly


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If you're looking forward to cleaning your pup without having to use running water and soap, then you should definitely get the ScrubbyPet No Rinse pet wipes. This is named "no rinse" for a reason. All you have to do is to lather it with minimal water, wipe it on your pup's body, dry him and you're good to go! What's best is that this dog wipes are very convenient for you to use especially if you have pets that absolutely hate bathing in the tub or scared of water. Also, it's recommended that you bring this if you're going on an out of town or country trip.


  • Convenient to use and water activated
  • Does not need large amounts of water to be activated
  • It has a no-rinse formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • pH balance is formulated just right for your pup


  • This is an unscented dog wipe so it's perfect for dogs and owners alike that aren't very keen on using scented dog wipes
  • It's really easy to use - all you have to do is to lather it with a minimal amount of water, and you're good to go!
  • Suitable for sensitive dogs as it is a hypoallergenic dog wipe


  • It will not leave your dog smelling fresh as it is unscented
  • One pack only contains ten mittens which may not be enough for some


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For dogs, the best bath is no bath at all. As a dog owner, you know very well how hard it is to deal with bathing your canine pup. But look no further for any alternative bathing techniques! All you have to do is to buy Earth Rated dog wipes.

Earth Rated conditioning canine grooming wipes leave your dog’s coat soft while removing dirt and odors between baths and are perfect for dealing with whatever messes your best friend gets into. Our plant-based pet cleaning wipes are also USDA-certified 99 percent biobased!

These 3-in-1 deodorizing dog wipes are perfect for grooming dogs’ paws, body, and bum. Our dog cleaning wipes are made with shea butter, soothing aloe vera and are entirely free of any parabens, sulfates, and alcohol.

The formula is hypoallergenic, non-drying and gentle enough for daily use. Our Earth Rated dog grooming wipes are ultra-thick with a quilted design to stand up to the toughest dog nails so you can remove all of the dirt, mud (or worse, because we've all been there!) from your dog's paws. This pack of lavender-scented dog wipes contains 100 wipes that measure 8x8 inches, and the scent is derived from lavender essential oils.


  • One pack contains 100 sheet of 8 by 8 inches dog wipes
  • It can be used for your canine's paws, body, and bum!
  • It is made up of gentle shea, chamomile, and aloe which keeps your dog's skin soft
  • 99% of this product is biobased
  • Hypoallergenic


  • The item is very durable making it one of the durable toys in the market
  • Free of parabens, chemicals, alcohol, and sulfates which can be toxic for your pup
  • Leaves a lavender smell after wiping your Fido with it!


  • It is heavily scented
  • Not recommended for dogs and owners who are sensitive to the smell of some dog products


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If you're the kind of person who's practicing to be more Earth-friendly and are currently supporting products that come along with your ideals, then this is the hypoallergenic wipes you should get your dog. Not only that this product is specially designed to be Earth-friendly, but it was also formulated with your dog in mind.

This contains conditioning ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi which can help clean your canine's fur. These ingredients will also help to keep it fresh and odor-free! If you also have big or heavy-coated dogs, then we recommend Pogi's Grooming Wipes, too. Since this is a large dog wipe compared to others, plus it's also quilted, so it's big enough to use for larger dogs. It's also free of parabens, alcohol, any strong fragrances, chlorine, and harsh chemicals.


  • Contains conditioning ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi
  • Hypoallergenic, great for sensitive dogs
  • Fragrance-free
  • Does not include any parabens and harsh chemicals
  • Made of Earth-friendly materials which degrade quickly after use


  • Great for dogs that have sensitive fur
  • Its size is large enough to cater to those pups that are larger and have heavier coats
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Does not contain any strong-smelling scent
  • Some users found this as a regular wet napkin


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If you're looking for pet wipes that have extra moisture in them and are thick enough to cover fully for dog's body with just one sheet, then this one is for you! The PUPMATE pet wipes can be used both for cats and dogs. It contains 100 deodorizing and hypoallergenic sheets which are safe for your pup's skin.

Because of the added moisture and thickness in every layer, it can wipe away even the most stubborn dirt and could handle the strongest foul scent that your dogs may have. This dog grooming wipes are free of any harsh chemicals that may be toxic to your dog and could be harmful to his skin.

At the same time, it contains vitamins such as vitamin E and aloe vera which helps condition your pup's skin. The formulation of the wipes is also pH balanced and are safe for your dog's skin. It certainly leaves no friction as you use it on your pet! Also, it's safe enough to be used daily on your dog.


  • Natural dog wipes with extra moisture and thickness
  • Can wipe away and remove stubborn dirt and foul smell
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Does not include any harsh and toxic chemicals
  • The wipes are soft and comfortable for your pup


  • It does not create any friction when applied on your dog's fur
  • Its pH balanced is formulated safely for your pups
  • Can be used every day without worrying about its side effects


  • The plastic box that comes as its packaging can be hard to open
  • The box couldn't dispense one sheet at a time


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Some commercially available best dog wipes can be harsh on some dog's sensitive fur and skin. But that doesn't mean that there's a mild alternative that you should try especially if you're looking forward to using it daily. Tropiclean Inc's Hypoallergenic wipes for pets proves to be safe and gentle for pups that have hypersensitivity reactions.

It is formulated to be mild enough for daily use, and it can effectively remove dirt, dander, and the toughest odors your dog may have. Also, it can be used in the more sensitive areas of your pup such as around the eyes and mouth. That's when you know that the formulation of this dog wipes is mild enough to be able to cater to those sensitive areas. What's great about this is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. At the same time, it is soap-free, and it won't affect any flea products you have put on your dog's skin.


  • Contains mild formulation enough for daily use
  • Safe to use in sensitive areas such as eyes and mouth
  • Does not include any alcohol
  • It can be used with any spot-on flea products since this doesn't contain any soap
  • Effectively removes dirt and tough odors


  • Great for sensitive dogs
  • Recommended for everyday use since its formulation is mild enough
  • Can be used in all other body areas of your canine


  • The wipes are very dry compared to other dog wipes
  • It does not leave any fresh scent on the dog


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If you're looking for a dog wipes that have an advanced deep-cleansing formula, then this one is for you. Most of the best dog wipes commercially available are formulated just enough to remove surface stains, dirt, and odors. But, if you want dog wipes that can deep-clean your pup without actually bathing him, then Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes is the way to go.

It's also mild enough to be used every day. Also, it contains moisturizing conditioners that will leave your pup's coat with the healthy-looking shine that you've always wanted your dog to have. It's also the perfect wipes you can use to clean your pup's coats after a walk in the park or your canine's play time.


  • It has an advanced deep-cleansing formula
  • The formulation can be considered mild enough to be safely used every day
  • Includes moisturizing conditioners as an ingredient
  • Leaves a healthy shine on your pet's coat
  • Easy to use every after playtime


  • Can remove the toughest dirt and odors
  • Can be used every day
  • Leaves a nice, but not too strong, a scent on your pup after wiping him with it


  • The packaging is hard to open
  • Not moist enough


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We have found that the trouble with most tear stain removers is that they ONLY clean your dog’s current stains, but don’t prevent future tear stains from forming. Don’t worry, Petpost Tear Stain Remover cleaning wipes are different! Its unique, extra-powerful solution contains the highest quality extracts from Coconut and Juniper Berry that gently removes any mucus and crust that are formed around your pup's eyes, prevents any future tear stains from forming, and is considered to be safe and natural with no harsh chemicals or bleach included in the formulation.


  • The formulation of this product is based form Juniper Berry and coconut
  • Each cotton wipes are exceptionally soft and comfortable for your pup
  • Highly effective in removing and lightening your pup's most stubborn tear stains
  • Does not contain any bleach, antibiotics, and harsh chemicals


  • Soft and comfortable to use on your pup
  • Can remove tear stains and prevent it from forming again
  • Safe to use for dogs on a day-to-day basis


  • The product is soapy and would need to be dried off more
  • Not recommended for dogs with sensitivities


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If you're looking for dog wipes that are specially formulated for your pup's behind, then this the one you're looking for. Glandex Pet wipes promotes and supports your pup's anal gland health and proper hygiene. Not only that it will leave your dog's behind clean and fresh, but it will smell great too! This product is made with aloe vera, vitamin E and other skin conditioners which aim to restore your dog's healthy behind.


  • Cloths are soft and durable
  • Contains vitamin E, aloe vera, and other moisturizing and conditioning ingredients
  • This product contains a natural DeoPlex enzyme
  • Cleanses and deodorizes your pets behind
  • It can also be used for your pup's other body parts


  • Soft and comfortable to use on your pup
  • Can be used for different parts of the body
  • Promotes anal gland health and hygiene


  • Can leave some weird smell on your pup's behind
  • Contains too much cleaning agent for some sensitive pups


There's a lot of things you can do with dog wipes. You can use this as an alternative to full bathing, wiping your dog's paws with it, and cleaning his eyes and ears. You shouldn't compromise your pup's health with by using regular wipes that aren't formulated for them. Trust you; your dog will thank you for purchasing his own dog wipes!

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