Gentle and Effective: The Best Shampoo for Pugs

Pug owners are well aware that their pets are playful, silly, and great with children. They are always happy to be around their humans and are always up for an adventure. Spending time playing and goofing around sometimes leads to dirt and grime on their coat. And while they are a relatively low-maintenance breed, Pugs can shed like crazy. They need regular baths and grooming to keep their squishy facial wrinkles clean and avoid infection. The best shampoo for Pugs should have all the right ingredients that will cleanse and protect your dog’s coat in between baths.

Your pet also spends a lot of time cuddled on your lap, so it's best to always keep them clean for such bonding. A well-groomed furry companion is a delightful companion that is sure to solicit rubs, cuddles, and kisses. Thus, let’s take a look at some of the best dog shampoo for pugs that fellow pet parents swear by.


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Anti itch shampoo for pugs

Burt's Bees is popular for nature-friendly products for the whole family - including pets. They also created a line dedicated to our furry family so they can have the same natural care and attention. This soothing anti-itch dog shampoo with honeysuckle contains the finest ingredients to calm your pup and your mind. It does not contain colorants or sulfates and has a pH balance suitable for dogs. The honeysuckle infusion helps soothe your dog’s itchy and dry skin, so there is less irritation and more happiness in every bath. And similar to natural formulas, this anti-itch shampoo for pets does not have any strong scent or healthy lather. However, it will keep your fur babies smelling fresh and feeling good in between baths.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Contains no sulfates, strong fragrance or colorants
  • With honeysuckle to calm skin irritation
  • pH balanced for dog’s skin
  • Contains colloidal oat flour to calm itchiness due to skin irritations


  • 97% natural and cruelty-free product
  • Gentle cleanser perfect for pets with allergies
  • Prevents skin dryness, redness, and flaking


  • Does not lather well
  • Only has a faint scent


Vanilla dog shampoo for pugs

Earthbath is another company that focuses on providing gentle cleansing and chemical-free bath products for your pets. This Oatmeal shampoo with vanilla almond is soap-free and fragrance-free is one of the best shampoo for Pugs. It's perfect for your Pug’s delicate coat and can be used as shampoo for puppies as well. When your pet scratches and bites himself frequently, it may have dry and itchy skin. This shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal to take care of your dog’s itching. Similarly, the aloe vera extract also makes it ideal for allergy-prone skin. It is also biodegradable, gentle, and safe to use for treating skin infections. And like any other natural product, it does not contain any artificial coloring or fragrances. If you are looking for a shampoo to help out with skin irritation, re-moisturizing dry skin, and healing, this is the product for you.


  • Contains colloidal oats and vanilla almond to calm skin itching
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No artificial colorants or fragrances
  • Has aloe vera for to moisturize skin


  • Chemical, soap, and fragrance-free
  • Gentle and safe to use for treating skin infection
  • Ideal for dogs with allergies


  • May leave an oily residue
  • Does no have conditioner 


Conditioner and shampoo for dogs

Next on our list is another Earthbath product that Pug parents find to be extra useful for their pet’s itchy skin. This 2-in-1 Mango Tango Conditioning Dog and Cat Shampoo will keep your pet’s coat easier to manage, keep it soft, smooth, and smelling better. It is made with all-natural ingredients to add shine, help detangle, and leave their coats plush, clean, and always ready for cuddles. If you are using topical flea treatments on your pets, this dog shampoo will not wash it off, so your pets feel calmer, and there is less irritation. Additionally, the subtle scent from the natural ingredients, your pets will smell like they’ve just had a doggie spa! For some pet parents, this is the best shampoos to bathe your Pug with!


  • Cruelty and 100% Biodegradable Product
  • Has conditioners for dog coat that is easier to manage
  • pH balanced for dog’s skin
  • Has Fresh Tropical Mango Scent


  • Hypoallergenic, soothing and conditioning
  • Washes off unpleasant doggie smell
  • Does not wash off topical flea treatment


  • Some pet owners find the scent unpleasant
  • Does not condition well enough


flea tick dog shampoo

Are your pet’s tick and flea issues getting on your nerves? This TropiClean Tick and Flea shampoo have Neem, and Citrus extracts to give your pets soothing relief from tick and flea irritations. It works wonderfully to strip off tough stains, dirt, and grime while keeping your pet’s natural oils. It will help your Pug s coat feel more comfortable and keep their coat smooth and clean. You and your pet will love it’s long-lasting calming citrus scent and will get you ready for cuddles anytime. TropiClean products are pH balanced for canine skin, and it is a gentle solution that is free from soap, paraben, and colorants.


  • Neem and Citrus extracts soothe canine coat from irritation
  • pH Balanced to prevent itching and dryness
  • Long-lasting fresh scent
  • Made naturally derived ingredients


  • Cleans without stripping off natural oils
  • Leaves coat soft, smooth and smelling good
  • Soap-free, paraben-free and dye-free


  • Some products have a watery consistency
  • The scent can be overpowering for some pet parent


Pugs organic shampoo

Another soap-free and alcohol-free pet shampoo that is proven to be effective in cleansing Pugs are the 4Legger Organic Shampoo. It contains Lemongrass, which works well to clean your dog’s coat and leave it smelling good. It has aloe vera, coconut oil, and rosemary that helps calm itching, irritations, and skin allergies in canines. The essential oils deter fleas and tick effectively. Additionally, it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that minimize the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other health issues. If you are looking for something eco-friendly and vegan, this is an excellent option for your pet. It has no chemical content, it’s paraben-free, cruelty-free, and it is certified organic by the USDA.


  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Has essential oils to deter tick and fleas
  • Lemongrass, aloe, and coconut oil works wonders for canine coat
  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free, and USDA certified organic.


  • Cleanses effectively without drying the skin
  • Leaves your pet smelling nice and clean
  • Has antifungal and antibacterial properties


  • Does not moisturize the coat
  • Slightly pricier than pet products


Want to give your pets the same pampering feel that grooming salons provide? Furbliss Refreshing Dog Shampoo is a one of those gentle, vet-recommended dog shampoos that will give your pets a thorough deep-clean. It drives away that “wet-dog” stink and leaves off a long-lasting pleasant scent! This shampoo uses ingredients such as aloe, oatmeal, rosemary, and chamomile designed to deodorize and moisturize your pet’s coat and skin. Pet parents find this product to lather quickly, and it is ideal for cats and dogs of all breeds or sizes. It has a fruity smell that is not overpowering. Use this regularly, so your pets look shiny, healthy, and smelling fresh in between washes.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe, oatmeal, and rosemary
  • Ideal for pets with sensitive skin
  • Deep-cleaning power to remove stinky smell
  • Gentle formulation and vet-recommended


  • Crafted with a refreshing fragrance
  • Uses highest quality ingredient
  • Has luxurious botanical extracts


  • Causes dandruff in some pets
  • Some find the scent a bit overpowering


Pets parents share stories of how horrible their Pugs shed, and this dog shampoo from Furminator has amazingly helped them. It is an affordable option, but it contains high-quality ingredients like calendula and papaya extracts. It has mild surfactants, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from cranberry. If you have a major shredder at home, this is the best shampoo dog for you! More so, the sunflower and safflower seed oils moisturize your pet’s coat. It doesn’t contain parabens and chemical dyes, but it lathers well for you to enjoy bathing. Most pet owners who used this swore that it effectively decreased shedding!


  • Contains natural extracts like calendula and papaya extracts
  • Works with mild surfactants and omega fatty acids
  • Effectively lessens shedding
  • Skin is moisturized with sunflower and safflower seed oil


  • Contains no parabens or harsh chemicals
  • Lathers well for enjoyable bath
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat


  • Does not deodorize well
  • Has an oily residue


For Pugs that are prone to skin allergies or have very sensitive skin, the highly-recommended pick is this Hypoallergenic Shampoo from Vets Best. It is a soap-free tearless formula to clean and moisturize irritated skin. It contains ingredients such as aloe, and Vitamin E, which helps lock in moisture, relieves itching, and manage dry and brittle coats. It is an ideal shampoo for pets with seasonal allergies, dry and skin sensitivities More so, it does not affect topical flea medication so that you can use it anytime. This is the best shampoo for Pugs if you need a medicated shampoo product to deal with their skin health issues.


  • Uses natural ingredients like aloe vera to soothe itchy skin
  • Contains Vitamin E and B5 to manage dog allergies
  • Gentle formula won’t dry canine skin
  • Works with other treatments like flea and tick control


  • Provides relief for sensitive coat
  • Smooths dry and brittle coat
  • Veterinarian formulated blend of natural ingredients


  • It has a watery consistency
  • Some pets developed rashes


The last but not the least in our list is this Pug dog shampoo and conditioner from Buddy Wash. It comes in three widespread varieties, and all of them work to give your pets a smoother, itch-free, and sweet-smelling coat. Natural ingredients such as mint, rosemary, coconut, aloe vera, chamomile, sage, tea tree oil, and bergamot work to give your pet’s coat the hydration it needs. Even after bathing, the essential oils in this shampoo will keep your dog’s coat shiny, smooth, and itch-free. This shampoo is also alcohol-free and soap-free, so it is gentle for regular use.


  • Uses natural and plant-based ingredients
  • Soap-free and alcohol-free product
  • Has aloe, coconut oil, sage, and chamomile
  • Formulated for sensitive skin and coat


  • Has natural conditioners in rosemary and sage
  • Lathers quickly and rinses off easily
  • Available in three variants


  • Tea tree oil may react with your pet’s skin
  • Some find its scent to be overpowering


FAQS about pug dog shampoo


Not all dogs are created equal, and each breed has its unique qualities. In the case of the Pugs, they have special grooming and bathing concerns that pet parents should consider before buying the best dog shampoos. Here are some things to factor in when choosing a shampoo to bath your furry friends with:


The Pug’s squishy faces make them extra adorable looking. But these facial wrinkles need more attention, especially when they are overweight. These areas on their face do not get sufficient air circulation; that’s why it’s always wet and moist. If left too long, the moisture can lead to irritation and infection. Your pet will constantly lick on these specific areas that are always wet, which may cause bacterial or fungal infection. Thus, it is ideal to choose Pug shampoos that have antifungal properties to minimize the chances of infections in these sensitive folds.


Pugs are known for their skin sensitivities; thus, you need to consider hypoallergenic shampoo products. Ideally, products made from organic ingredients have fewer chances of causing allergies. These products are gentle for regular use and will not be harsh on their skin. Hypoallergenic shampoo and bath products will help calm your pet’s skin irritation, so they don’t feel uncomfortable or itchy after bathing.


Pet owners are very particular about the ingredients of grooming and bathing products they use for their pets. The best Pug shampoos should be free from any fragrance, dye, paraben, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals. It should be sourced from plants, organic, and natural. However, you should still keep watch as not all-natural ingredients are safe for your pets. Avoid tea tree extracts or birch as they can react with your pet’s skin and coat.  


Shedding is another common issue in Pugs, and depending on their coat, the shedding can worsen. Using the right shampoo and conditioning product can reduce shedding issues with your pet. But of course, you have to brush them regularly and, if possible, blow-dry to remove dead fur. Pugs with lighter colors have double coats; thus, they shed more than black pugs. Around two times a year, you will notice excess shedding around your home. Make sure to use deshedding bath products for your pet during this period.


All the products on our list are safe to use for Pugs because of their high-quality ingredients. When choosing pet products, avoid any of the following:

Soaping agents - your pet’s skin is different from human skin. And using products with soaping agents can cause adverse skin reactions, so it is best to stick with plant-based products. 

Additives and chemicals - we stay away from these when it comes to our grooming products. It is only right to avoid them, too, when choosing bath products for your Pug. Sulfates, fragrances, dyes, and others can lead to irritation or allergic reaction in your pet.


Pug ready to take a bath

Typically, our canine buddies need a bath every two weeks. But this will depend on your pet’s skin condition. Pugs with sensitive or irritated skin may require frequent bathing to relieve them from itching and irritation. Pugs are also prone to allergies, and shampoo with allergy relief or medicated shampoo can be used as often as needed to alleviate the symptoms. Otherwise, you can bathe your pug three times a month or when you no longer stand how dirty they are. Soap-based shampoo can dry and irritate the skin, so make sure to find a soap-free shampoo.

Here are some tips to help make bathing an enjoyable activity for both of you. 

  • Frequent Baths – like mentioned above, Pugs need more baths than other breeds. Regular baths help them get rid of dead skin and fur. It also takes off fleas and ticks from your little buddies, so make sure to keep up with their bathing schedule.
  • Prepare Everything Before You Start Bathing your Pug – keep within arm’s reach before you start the bath. Anything can happen while you are shampooing your pet, and they can try to escape, so always prepare before you start. 
  • Facial Wrinkles – The Pug’s face can hold a lot of moisture, dirt, and bacteria, especially in its folds and creases. It is essential to clean this part of their face carefully every time you bath them. You can use soapy water and a washcloth to gently cleanse these facial folds and be sure to rinse them thoroughly.
  • No Water in Nose – As much as possible, avoid getting water into your dog's nose when you bath them. These dogs are a brachycephalic breed, and they can have a difficult time breathing. But try to clean the nose too whenever you can. 
  • Bath in the sink – Some dogs can become very intimidated by a big tub, so if your Pug fits in your sink, you can bathe them there. It is just a small space, and your pet will be more comfortable during their bath.
  • Dry the Creases – after taking a bath, make sure you dry your pet thoroughly. Pay attention to the creases on their face and wipe off moisture with a soft cloth. This area should be dried well to prevent bacterial or fungal infection.


For most owners, their Pugs shed like there is no tomorrow! Generally, shedding is normal, and they need to have a healthy coat. Old hair falls out, and they are replaced with new strands. And Pugs have a double coat, so are heavy shedders. Also, this breed is sensitive to the environment, and any changes can lead to an increase or decrease in shedding. 

But of course, not all Pugs are the same. Black Pugs do not shed as much as the fawn, silver, and apricot coated Pugs. So, when asked whether Pug shedding ever stops, the answer is no it does not, and they must grow new hair. 

The best way for you to handle this significant issue is to bath them regularly, brush their coat, and use a de-shedding shampoo. Doing this will reduce shedding around the house and facilitate the healthy growth of new hair.  


Pugs make excellent companion pets, and anyone can easily fall for their charms. But being a parent to this breed can be challenging too. They have sensitive skin and are significant shedders. You have to arm yourself with the right tools and the best shampoo for Pugs to address any coat and skin issues that your pet may have. Our top pick for gentle cleansing is the Earthbath Oatmeal Shampoo and Vanilla Almond, while the Furminator White Premium Shampoo for Dogs is a must for pets that are shedding like crazy!


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