How to Choose the Best Doodle Breed for Your Family?

Having a dog can be a wonderful addition to your family. If you have the time and resources, this furry friend can become your best companion. But which breed is ideal is best suited for your family?

When you have countless options, selecting the right breed can be daunting. Doodles are becoming popular these days, but even among doodles, there are so many options to choose from. If you are unsure about the best doodle breed, I am here to guide you.

But, before we move further, let us see why poodles are the right choice?

Why Poodles?

Do you know that all doodles are bred from poodles? This soft and cheerful dog breed has multiple reasons to become the center of attraction. From being an intelligent and quick learner to showing obedience and loyalty, they have several positive aspects. Yes, they can turn hyperactive at times, but their beauty and innocence are enough to win your heart in no time.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dog Breed

Now, let us see some core factors that are essential to notice when selecting a particular breed. These are:

Nature – Some breeds are quiet and calm by nature, while others are hyperactive and playful. Look at your routine and then see the breed of which nature can be good for your family.

Size– Always notice the size as it plays a key role in setting up a dedicated place for a dog. Large-size dogs are ideal for big houses, whereas small ones are good for studio apartments.

Kid-Friendliness– This factor is highly important if you have kids at home. See if the dog can play with your kids and become their companion.

Trainability– Always research how a breed responds to early training. If you have a busy schedule, you cannot opt for dogs that are tough to train. Whereas, if you are ready to put all your efforts and invest time, you can opt even for difficult to train breeds.

Undoubtedly, all doodle breeds are adorable. But, if we look at the features, we can analyze how some breeds can be more suitable than others. For more in-depth research about the common doodle breeds, you can visit We Love Doodles. Let us discuss the traits of each breed now:


This breed is a combination of golden retriever and poodle. Since poodles and golden retrievers are famous because of their intelligence, they learn quickly. Therefore, training them is not a big question. What is trickier about these dogs is their connectivity with the owner. Yes, they are highly demanding and want to stay around the owner all the time.

If you are planning to bring a golden doodle at home, be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to play, walking, and other activities. Otherwise, this new pet will soon become upset. That is why; experts do not recommend this breed to full-time workers.

But, if you can manage to give plenty of time and have lots of children at home, this golden doodle can bring a splash of happiness to your home.

Takeaway: Golden doodles are easy to train but require a lot of time.

Irish Doodle

When we combine poodle and Irish Setter, we get Irish Doodle. Just like golden doodles, this breed is not easy to train. Instead, they test your patience. When they see that you have enough patience to bear them, they finally give up and learn the tactic. Furthermore, you need to be smart enough with activities as they easily get bored. Yes, have a handful of activities prepared for your dog if you are opting for this breed.

But, these cuties are suitable for people living in small houses. Since they do not require a lot of space, they easily get adjusted in apartments and cottages.

Takeaway: Hard to train but requires less space.


If you mix a Labrador retriever and a poodle, the resulting dog is a labradoodle. Thankfully, it is a highly obedient dog and loves its owner. It is also a nice companion and a play partner for children. Thus, training this breed is a piece of cake.

But do not forget that Labradoodles need a wide range of activities. Yes, they love going for long walks and runs. You cannot confine them in small rooms. This makes them ideal for people with large backyards and gardens. Furthermore, if you love to jog, it can become your best companion. Also, people having children in their house with the large, covered area can easily make these doodles happy.

Takeaway: Labradoodle is the best choice for people who love to walk and have big houses.


Most people love Schnoodle because of its less demanding nature. Though they are cheerful and happy, they do not want their owners to stay around for the whole day. Therefore, dual-income couples can easily leave them at the house.

Instead of wanting long hours of company, they stay happy even if you give time only on the weekends. Besides this, they are smaller in size and can be easily kept in apartments. Individuals living in studio apartments always prefer Schnoodles.

Thus, if you cannot handle the demands of Goldendoodles or Labradoodles, go for Schnoodles.

Takeaway:  Schnoodles can easily live in small houses. This breed does not require a lot of time. They can easily live alone.


A combination of Old English Shepard and Poodle creates a Sheepadoodle. Unlike the Irish Doodle, this breed is large in size. Additionally, they are highly smart and active. If we compare all the other breeds in terms of training, we can see that Sheepadoodle is the easiest one to train. Just say what you want, and the dog is likely to obey you. All they need is to follow their owner. Thus, life with this dog looks easy.

Moreover, they catch the vibes and easily understand when you are happy or sad. In case of sadness, they make all possible efforts for your happiness.

Takeaway: Sheepadoodles are highly obedient, extremely easy to train, and large in size.

Bring A Doodle – Make A Perfect Addition to Your Family

So, you must be looking for some playful, friendly, and obedient doodles for your family. But, remember, some breeds are more demanding than others. They require more attachment and cannot be left alone. Similarly, others are easy to train and cheerful. Always consider your schedule and then opt for the breed that suits you.

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