Best Harness for Pugs [TOP PICKS & GUIDE]

Pugs are one of a kind. These little furballs are sweet, silly, and loyal to a fault. They hailed from China and were once royal pets of the Emperors before becoming world-favorite snuggle buddies. The Pug has a winning personality and adorable good looks. Every pet parent wants to show them off to the world; thus, the best pug harness is essential every time you step out.

These dogs are quite famous, and they are bound to have lots of attention from the outside world. They are prone to overheating because of their brachycephalic features, so they have low exercise needs. These dogs are ideal companions for urban environments, families with children, and those living in small apartments. Read our review about top rated dog food for pugs

To make sure that your Pug stays at a healthy weight, you can take them for short walks and do light exercises with them. Using a combination of leash and collar is not suitable for Pugs as it may risk injury or breathing troubles for them. They have problematic airways, and dog collars may put pressure on their windpipe. Harnesses are a better choice for small breeds with flat faces like Pugs. The best harnesses will offer better control, safety, and comfort for your unique Pug dog. So, to keep your worries at bay, take a look at our list of the most recommended picks from fellow Pug parents!

Pugs are physically unique, and most of the time, a dog harness suitable for small dogs fits them well. Small fitting harnesses are about 33 to 60 cm chest girth and 33 to 48 cm neck girth. Typically Pugs weight range is at 8 to 16 kilos. It is always best to check and confirm product size and description against your pet’s measurement before you place an order for a harness. Often, an XS size will fit puppies, but they will soon outgrow it.

The Puppia Ritefit harness provides accurate measurements for getting the perfect fitting gears for your Pugs.

You can also check out this video on getting measurements for a harness for Pugs:


For Pug dogs that are well-behaved and do not pull, the best harness to use is the Puppia Ritefit. This line of dog harness for Pugs has provided soft-vest style harnesses that are comfortable, affordable, and durable for years of use. The company has made improvements to the original design and made it adjustable so you can get the right fit for your Pug. 

Puppia’s material is cushiony polyester with tiny pinholes; thus, it is breathable, lightweight, and washable. It has three points of adjustment - two at the neck and one at the chest. Similarly, the leash clips are two metal D-rings for safety. It comes available in several colors and sizes, so you have plenty of choices. Puppia’s adjustable neck harness makes it the most secure and comfortable pick for your Pug.


Using Pug harnesses instead of collars is extra beneficial for some dog breeds like Pugs. The most obvious reason for this is the health issues that Pug experience because of their brachycephalic features. 

Pugs are known for their squashed up nose and squishy facial wrinkles. They also have a short snout and flat faces, which make them more vulnerable to breathing problems. These health concerns can be aggravated by any pressure on the dog’s throat when you use a traditional collar with a leash. 

Though a collar is generally safe for dogs, it is not the best choice for a Pug. It can lead to throat injury and breathing issues, which is risky for this type of breed. Using a harness for a Pugs lessens the pressure on their thick neck, windpipe, nasal airways, and head. It also gives you better control over your pet so you can train and stop their pulling behavior. 

Additionally, Pugs are uniquely shaped, and an ordinary collar can slip off from their head. Finally, a harness can be adjusted to comfortably and securely fit your pet compared to any regular collars. 


Most dogs are wary of anything new to them. Your pet might be scared of a harness, especially if they have never worn one before. Don’t force them to wear the gear right away. 

Avoid creating a more negative association toward the harness. Instead, you can start a program to help your canine get used to and enjoy wearing it. Leave the harness near your pooch and give them treats when they go near it. Gradually build up and gently touch your dog with the harness. If they feel more comfortable, you can try putting it on them for short periods. Give them treats or praise to create positive feelings toward it. 

It may take a few days or weeks for your Pug to finally like the harness, so don’t rush. Once they overcome their fear, then you can start enjoying your walks and adventures together.

harness for pugs guide



This specific dog harness is an excellent choice for small and medium dog breeds. It comes with a vertical quick grab handle and an exquisitely rugged design for that tough, yet cute look. If you want your dog to carry some extra gear during a short walk, this is the best Pug harness for you. It features UTX Duraflex buckles for smooth operation so its easy to put on, plus it is a fleece padded to ensure comfort for your little friend. The straps are adjustable so you can get the proper fit, and it is paired with quick-release buckles. It is a heavy-duty harness that resists moisture, dirt, and abrasion. So, if you’re after durability and versatility, but equally comfortable for your Pug, pick this one out!


  • MOLLE compatible webbings for add-on features
  • UTX Duraflex Leash Ring
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear
  • K9-Tactical Style Harness


  • Designed for maximum strength and comfort
  • Tightly stitched nylon material with sturdy hook loop strap
  • Non-choke and non-slide


  • Bulkier than other harness types
  • Heavier than other harnesses


If you are after safety and style, this adjustable harness Puppia is an excellent harness for your pug. The brand provides some of the best harnesses for Pugs which are fashionable yet practical. It is soft, comfortable, available in various colors and sizes. It has an easy clip at the back, and the velcro material makes it easy to fit. More so, pet parents are impressed with the adjustable neck portion of this product, especially those who are having issues finding the right fit for their Pugs. The breed’s roly-poly necks make it hard to fit harnesses comfortably. But with this gear, your little buddies will feel like they’re wearing a soft sweater instead of a harness.


  • Easily adjustable for the right neck size
  • Comfortable, soft and stylish design
  • High-quality materials prevent chafing
  • One-snap buckle closure


  • Available in 12 colors
  • Machine Washable, lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Excellent Price for bargain hunters


  • Not ideal for pulling dogs
  • Not heavy-duty for long term use


Are you looking for the perfect dog harness for your Pug to take them out for an adventure? This lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjustable harness from Kurgo is the top pick for you. It is designed for small to medium dogs measuring 16-25 inches at the neck and 18-28 inches at the chest. It comes with five effortlessly adjustable points and quick-release buckles so you can take it on or off your pooch with ease. Likewise, this no-pull harness features a training clip D-ring in front, which you can use for hard-pulling pups. But, it also has a back leash attachment for regular walks or jogs with your buddy. If you want more, it also has a 10-inch dog seatbelt so you can safely restrain your pooch as you drive.


  • Comfy-fit with broad, padded chest plate
  • No-pull training features
  • Highly-adjustable for a snug and secure fit
  • Comes with a dog seat belt


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • Covered with a lifetime warranty


  • Might not stand to constant chewing
  • Material may stretch with regular use


This pet gear is made especially for small dog breeds and is one of the best dog gears around. The company has patented its choke-free design, which features a chest strap position underneath the neck portion. With this design, there is less pressure on your pooch’s neck, even if they pull. Similarly, it has D-rings on the back, so there is a lower pull trajectory and reduced chances of pulling up and choking. The harness is made from lightweight, polyester mesh materials to keep your pet cool and comfortable. It is also machine washable and dries up quickly. If you’re looking for a no-frill, safe, and no-choke type of harness that is an ideal harness for a Pug, this is the best one for you.


  • Made for small dog breeds up to 30 lbs
  • Step-in design for comfortable wearing on or off
  • Has four adjustable points for the perfect fit
  • Patented choke-free design


  • Safe and secure fit for small dogs
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Mesh material, washable and dries up quickly


  • Can stretch over time
  • Some are smaller in size


Ruffwear is a well-known brand that is used by rescue dog teams in the US and they make some of the best collar and harnesses for Pugs. The WebMaster has all the essential features that Pug parents may want from a harness. It is lightweight with aluminum leash attachment points; thus, it will not weigh down on small pups. This harness features a durable webbing for ID tags or poop bags. There are five adjustment points so you can fit it snugly, and your pooch will not slip out of it. The padded straps make it comfortable even if your Pug wears it for an extended period plus a padded handle to help your canine over obstacles. Lastly, it has a reflective material, which makes it visible even in low light conditions. This is another great choice for dog owners who wants the best features on their Pug harnesses.


  • Has durable harness for a full range of motion
  • Has a handle for lifting small dogs over obstacles
  • Adjustable chest, belly and shoulder straps
  • Durable but lightweight aluminum V-rings for leash attachment


  • Reflective trim for increased visibility
  • Durable nylon material with woven straps
  • Webbing loop for attachments


  • No front leash attachment point
  • Difficult to fit and adjust the size


Do you have a Pug that’s a bit mule-headed and likes to pull? This training harness from Dean and Tyler could be the perfect gear for your outdoor activities to prevent dog pulls. It will keep your pet from pulling on the leash while walking or running. Yet, it also works great for sporting activities. The leash can be attached to the front strap, so your pooch will turn whenever he tries to pull.

On the other hand, if the leash is attached to the side rings at the back, it becomes a pulling harness with even distribution of force over the chest area. It keeps your dog safe from choking and chafing. This universal harness works for all types of outdoor activities and excursions. It is made from lightweight material that is washable and dries up quickly. Indeed, this DT universal harness is one of the best harness for your Pug!


  • Has four D-rings for optional leash attachments
  • Comfortable to wear and take off with wide straps and buckles
  • Lightweight, perfect for all-weather wear
  • Versatile, durable and comfortable


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Effective non-pull feature
  • Comes with an underbelly strap


  • It is hard to put on skittish pups
  • Some items do not fit properly


If you have a pet who loves to be chic as you, we’re sure you’d like the looks of the Blueberry Pet Floral Patterns harness and collar line. They come in adorable floral prints with flower applique that you can put on or remove. It is a functional vest-style harness that will work well with your Pug. This delightful gear features two adjustable straps made from soft, padded and lightweight material. The buckles are easy to snap on and are made with eco-friendly material. The fabric is soft neoprene, so your pup will stay comfortable wearing it for long periods. It is also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry if ever it gets dirty. And, to complete your pet’s trendsetting looks, the harness comes with a matching collar and leash too!


  • Made with extra soft neoprene material
  • Neck and chest areas are features adhesive velcro for a better fit
  • Delightful floral prints on a dress-styled harness
  • Lightweight, durable and mesh material


  • Non-stretch fabric and washable
  • Has two adjustable straps for a better fit
  • Multiple sizes and design options


  • Size is sometimes bigger than stated
  • Slips out of some dog breeds with small heads


And last, but not least on our list is this stylish but functional harness for Pugs from Chai’s Choice. This Adventure gear is made from high-quality, scratch-resistant material with lightweight and durable buckles. It is lightly padded on the chest and belly area so your little canine will stay comfortable wearing it as you explore the neighborhood. More so, the straps can be adjusted for that perfect fit. Whether you take walks in the morning or the evening, this gear works pretty well with its reflective strips. You and your pet will be visible even in low-light conditions. The least can be attached to the D-ring at the back or the O-ring in the chest area.


  • Has a scratch-resistant, lightweight and durable outer layer
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable with adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Has a nylon webbing with reflective trimming for night visibility


  • Provides support for injured dogs
  • Has an additional loop for securing pets in the car
  • Has two attachment points for leash


  • Needs to be adjusted before wearing
  • Can be a bit heavy for smaller dogs


A Pug dog is a delight to have around. Their adorable features, silly personality, and loving nature make them one of the favored pets around the globe. However, Pugs are uniquely built, with a barrel chest, facial wrinkles, short snout, and stout neck. Their physical features can make it difficult for pet owners to find a comfortable and secure harness for them. It is why you need to make sure you get the right measurements when sizing them up for a harness for Pugs.

Well, there are thousands of gears in different sizes and colors for you to check. Our list features some of the most recommended harnesses suitable for Pugs of any size. Our top favorite, along with thousands of other Pug parents, is the Puppia Ritefit. It is made from soft and comfortable material so your pooch will enjoy wearing it. Similarly, its adjustable neck and chest straps make it easy for owners to fit it snugly on their pets. And all these amazing features come at an amazingly low price. It is a great harness for Pugs that you will surely like!

We’d love to know your thoughts on our selection. Do you have any experience with these products? Which one do you prefer as the best dog harness for a pug? Let us know in the comments below!

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