20 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

Low maintenance dogs as their name suggest are pets that need little grooming on their owners’ part. These doggies are ideal pets for dog lovers or owners who have little time or money to maintain their physical well-being.

There are a lot of low maintenance dog breeds for anyone who wants to have one as their canine companion. So here is a list of various canines so that you can choose and pick which of these animals fit you.


Maltese The White Small service dog

If you like low maintenance dogs that are energetic as well as elegant, then you will love having a Maltese for a pet. These little guys want to run, play later spend some quality with you afterward. A Maltese will become attached to you in time; hence, you should leave the poor pooch alone for a long time. Your Maltese will also be very protective of you, which is the reason that that they will be suspicious of other canines and people. Nonetheless, a Maltese is a dog that is easy to train.

While the Maltese is a low maintenance fido, it is not for best dog for a lazy person who can’t do grooming. The dog breed’s long and beautiful coat requires brushing to stop tangles and mats. On the plus side, the Maltese’s elegant coat sheds little hair.


Cute Service Canine Chihuahua Puppy

Assuming that you want comfortable maintenance dogs whose coats are short and not thick, the Chihuahua fits the criteria. These little doggies like to follow and stick by your side whenever you go. Be it during a vacation, travel (carried in a tote) or around your home, the Chihuahua is more than willing to keep you company. So remember to keep or give the pooch some company.

Being a short-haired animal, the Chihuahua's body is sensitive to cold and hot temperatures, so keep the little canine comfy. Since the breed is energetic, a walk outdoors should rein in its behavior. make sure to check this list of best lap dogs for seniors


Cute Service Pup Havanese

Most dog breeds by their nature are meant to love and abide by their owners' sides, like in the case of the Havanese pooch. The Havanese makes good pets for either a single person or a family due to its adaptable nature. The canine is timid, but you are spending a lot of time with it coupled with meeting other people will bring the doggie out of its shy shell.

Though the Havenese doesn’t require complicated care, it is not the best dog for a lazy person. The Havanese still needs daily walks, playtime, and obedience classes to keep itself fit. Also, the dog breed requires a haircut and frequent grooming. Lastly, the attachment of this pooch to humans is strong that it will feel sad and howl when left alone.


Dog service Papillion sitting

Just because the Papillions are low maintenance dogs, it doesn't mean that they are not active animals. Papillions are small energetic dogs that like to run, jump, and play and lick your face. These methods are the canines' ways of getting your attention, and for such diminutive fidos, they have a lot of high spirits as well as energy.

Coupled with the canines’ friendly nature, they are keen learners. If you want low exercise dogs, then this breed is not for you. But if you don't mind activities, then you can teach the doggie some tricks along with agility courses and physical training. If you are an active person, the Papillion, the perfect pet companion for you. Make sure you to check our guide about best flea collars for dogs.


Cute Pomeranian

Many small dog breed like the Pomeranian have personalities that are bigger than their physical size. When it comes to instilling good behavior in your Pomeranian, be firm (but gentle) and establish right from the onset as to who is the boss of the house. Though Pomeranians are low maintenance dogs potty training them and curbing their excessive bark will take some work due to their stubbornness.

However should you manage to get the dog to behave and obey you, you will find that this dog breed is curious and confident. The animal loves getting attention and has new experiences. The fluffy coat needs a brush, and it sheds a copious amount of hair.



Dachshund in white background

Some folks would say that the Dachshunds are the perfect dogs for lazy people due to their love of napping all day long. Nonetheless, despite the laidback nature of this doggie, it is still a bundle of joy that loves play or takes a walk outdoors. The Dachshund is easy to train with new tricks along with routines hence making the task a joyous one, but potty training is another story. The canine’s love for long naps makes it one of the best low maintenance dogs.

For small-size dog breed, it is stubborn, so make sure to use crate training and letting the pooch go into your backyard when necessary. Nonetheless, Dachshunds are the perfect companion pets for families or singles due to them being able to adapt to their owner’s routine and home. This pooch has a brave temperament, but it tends to chase and bark at anything that catches its attention. The noise that the canine makes can be a potential annoyance to your neighbors if you have any.

Yorkshire Terrier

Small Low maintenance dog Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are low maintenance dogs for people who live or rent an apartment. These canines are live for the love as well as the companionship of their owners, especially if the owners are singles. Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies also like being the center of attention and with said trait comes with having a big personality and some little sass. Unlike most apartment dogs, the Yorkie still has its drive to hunt its prey. Not a surprising fact since the Yorkie was initially bred to hunt rodents for their owners. Squirrels, birds and other small animal pets will get the attention of the Yorkie which is then followed by barking and chasing.

The Yorkie is a member of the lapdog breed types meaning that it likes to cuddle up in your lap and take a nap. Of course, you still need to play and walk the fido to keep it fit and healthy. Also do some socialization training too since the canine sort of dislikes fellow dogs, other family members or unfamiliar people. Socialization should mitigate the Yorkie’s attitude and go out for a walk is one suitable method to use.

Cavalier King Charles

Cute and Adorable Low Maintance Canine

This dog breed has an unusual alternate name; "Velcro dog" since like Velcro the pooch likes to stick with you. The Cavalier King Charles likes to spend every second, minute, hour, or day with their owners. This particular possessiveness of the fido also shows that it does not want to be alone or away from you for long periods. However, the dog makes for an excellent travel companion if you can bring it with you.

When you are dealing with the Cavalier's misbehavior, do not yell or scold your pet harshly since it will only run then hides from you. Some low maintenance dogs like Cavalier have tender feelings as well as gentle demeanors so instead use positive reinforcement and training. In this way, the two of you can build up a relationship based on trust. The fido has a willingness to learn, so teaching it should be that hard. The Cavalier is also a family dog since it has a friendly personality and likes to share its love with everyone. A lot of people tend to smile at the canine's winning personality. 

Shih Tzu

White low maintenance dog

If you want a low maintenance dog breed that is specifically bred for friendliness and companionship, the Shih Tzu is the ideal candidate in mind. Unlike other dog breeds, the Shih Tzu has not herding or hunting traits. Instead, it is lovable, playful, good-natured, energetic, curious, and tries to please its owners.

Whether you have family, children and other pooches, the Shih Tzu will get along with them splendidly. A Shih Tzu is easy to care and train as a breed. Despite the pooch’s long hair grooming is not difficult and needs daily brushing only. You can leave the fido alone all by itself, but don’t be gone for a long time. If you have two Shih Tzus, then both of them have another friend as well as learning and playing together.


Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer Standing with gray background

Dog grooming is an unavoidable fact of life when it comes to owning one even if the dog breed requires little maintenance. Miniature Schnauzer is one such canine breed, so this may not be for you or dog owners who can't do regular grooming. The fido’s wiry hair need grooming every 6 to 8 weeks, and in some cases, a groomer is required for the task.

However, should you find it easy to groom the Miniature Schnauzer for whatever reason, then this dog fits right in with you and with your family (if you have one). Schnauzers are energetic animals that love being in the spotlight. Take the doggie out for daily exercise and give it some mental stimulation to prevent it from getting bored. Boredom tends to lead to destructive behavior.



Medium Size Low Cost Maintenance dog

If you are about to own a dog breed for the first time and want a medium-sized one, then the Medium Labradoodle should be your first choice. The breed is smart, making training easy, and they don’t get distressed if their owners are not home.

A Labradoodle still needs some exercise to maintain its lean body, but a few intense sessions of play and some outdoor walk will wear out the pooch. Another excellent trait about the Labradoodle is its fur; it is hypoallergenic. This fact means that the hair doesn't cause problems for people with allergy and they shed little or no hair. Hence the reason why this canine is one of the best low maintenance dogs.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound Beside the tree

The Basset Hounds’ popularity as companion pets is due to its adorable long ears, innocent-looking eyes, firm loyalty to its owners and gentleness. The pooch's good-nature makes it very sensitive to harsh or adverse treatment. Favorable treatment of the canine when it comes to training is a must since that is the only way that it will respond positively. Some tasty treats given out as a reward also helps a lot.

The trait that makes Basset Hounds be one of the best low maintenance dogs is their activity level. These fidos like to lounge during the day and sleep most of the time. However, their sedate attitude doesn't mean that you shouldn't ignore playtime and daily walks for them. Of course the canine tires quickly so don't overdo their physical activities.


Beagle Happy

These breeds are small, lovable low maintenance dogs that come in one great package due to their loyalty, playfulness, kindness, and adventurous behavior. This big-hearted fido is also eager to meet new friends, go out for a walk and just chill with their owners. A lonely Beagle is a sad, animal that tends to do bad behavior like barking, digging, and chewing, so keeping it company is a must.

The Beagle is one stubborn dog breed, so you need to be patient and invest some effort into training the pooch. Training helps curb the doggie's negative behavior. Once you manage to control the canine's behavior, it will be an even more lovable pet companion.

American Eskimo

American Eskimo playing

The American Eskimo is a medium-size dog breed that can be considered as a “Velcro dog” due to its strong bond to its owner. This pooch will be at your side almost every time, and it gets along well with kids, strangers, and other dogs as well as cats. Smaller animals, on the other hand, may have problems with the American Eskimo due to the latter's prey drive instinct. The breed is adaptable to any type of home

American Eskimos, despite being low maintenance, dog breeds requires physical exercise, mental stimulation, playtime, training, and daily walks to keep itself healthy. The doggie is also an energetic animal, so doing those activities will tire it out as well as keep it out of trouble. The canine is a heavy shedder, so its coat requires brushing to maintain it.

Cocker Spaniel

Brown Cocker Spaniel

Most low maintenance dogs have long hair that requires some constant brushing and grooming, and the Cocker Spaniel is one such breed. Assuming that you are willing to brush the coat daily and go to a professional groomer once a month, this canine is one awesome and lovable to pet companion.

The Cocker Spaniel is an intelligent family dog and is always up for a physical challenge, so training, along with socialization, should be an easy task for you. The canine tends to a timid animal, and its bark is loud as well as excessive. Hence training and socialization should stop those behaviors of the doggie.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Big Low Maintanance Bernese Mountain Dog

This big guy is a large-sized dog breed that has a comedic personality and can bring out at least a small chuckle with their antics. A Bernese Mountain dog also likes to please you; hence, they are receptive to training coupled with positive encouragement. The pooch is not just a fun animal, but also gentle, so negative scolding and discipline will hurt the poor thing's feelings.

The Bernese is an excellent family dog, so make sure not to leave it alone and have it join in any family-related activities. With the right training, the Bernese Mountain dog will make a great member of your family. Also, you need to do constant grooming and brushing on the fido’s coat.



The Cute Italian Greyhound Standing in White Background

From a casual glance, the Grey Hound looks like a fast dog breed, and it is one of the fastest canines. Luckily for you, the Grey Hound, in addition to being a lovable animal, has a calm personality. The doggie likes to hang out with you and your family, take naps and lounge in the sun's warmth. Though the Grey Hound is a pet that is easy to care, you need to socialize the pooch to make it overcome its timidity.

However, for a timid canine, the Grey Hound likes to chase small creatures due to its hunting instincts. Therefore keep a tight leash on the dog all the time and make sure that it can jump over (below 6 foot) your fences.

Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland relaxing in the garden

Some dog breeds have ancestors that were partners and helpers in humanity's never-ending work like Newfoundland dog. Before becoming a family pet, the Newfoundland helped its owners in the docks and fishing boats. Aside from being a sweet, intelligent pooch, the Newfoundland is also a rescuer.

The only difficulty about the breed is in managing the fido’s coat, which is relatively easy to groom with daily brushing. Also, the Newfoundland’s size and weight might be difficult to handle, especially when playing or running.

Standard Poodle

 Standard Poodle Near the water

If you like low maintenance dogs that are good at doing obedience and agility courses, the Standard Poodle is your prime choice. The combination of energy and smarts of the canine lets it excel in training and have the stamina for physical exercises. Mental stimulation and daily walks provide an outlet for the pooch’s boundless energy.

The Poodle is one dog breed that requires elaborate haircuts and needs extensive grooming for their coat. Sometimes you will need a professional groomer or at least the right grooming tools.

Labrador Retriever

Happy Labrador retriever

Dog owners tend to prefer big dog breeds that are kind, loyal, and passionate to their families as well as having a fondness for playing along with running. With the pooch’s desire to please its owner and family, it shows a lot of love and cuddles. The breed’s eagerness to please you makes it easy to train, and it has a friendly personality to people it will meet. Make sure to give the big doggie some distraction to stop bad behavior.

While the Labrador Retriever is one of the low maintenance dogs, you still to deal with its hair. For a canine that possesses short coat hair, it sheds a lot of furs almost everywhere. So do remember to brush the Labrador Retriever to prevent the hair from spreading in your home.


If you happen to be first-time owners of a fido, then you do need to get low maintenance dogs or dog as your first pets. Should you manage to get the hang of taking care of big small dogs, then you can get another one. Another canine pet will keep your first one company, especially for those breeds that need companionship.

So go ahead and buy or adopt easy maintenance dogs of your choice. If you and your chosen pet like a regular, non-hectic lifestyle, the two of you should get along with each other. Of course, don't forget to stretch out now and then.

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