10 Best Pet Grooming Gloves [TOP PICKS & GUIDE]

When it comes to grooming your pet, it's not only just right that you have the proper tools for your pet. You also have to protect yourself, too. In this case, a glove will be of help. This may be one of the last few tools that you would think of getting once you're personally grooming your pet, but in the long run, you will get the chance to realize how important this is. Make life easier for you when you're giving your pup some grooming love. With that, here are the other important things that you will need to know about getting one.


Grooming gloves for cats


When it comes to buying grooming gloves, here are the factors that you will need to consider. Buying a good one will make your life a lot easier. It all depends on what your needs are.

  • Ease of use – When choosing the best gloves, it will depend on your preference. Since you are the one using the gloves, it should be fitted just enough for you. But at the same time, the gloves should also be fit for your dog. However, dogs don't really feel how you would use the gloves on them. For this part, you just have to make sure that it fits your hands properly for you to move around flexibly.
  • Features – Grooming gloves have their own set of specifications, too. You can choose from simple mitt design to having a five-fingered glove. It's recommended that you pick one which suits you better and would make it easier for you to work with your dog. There are also other gloves that are designed specifically for right handed or left handed people. Just choose whatever fits you best. Some grooming glove sets also have their own complementary bonus items. These are the tools which would make your work even easier. Examples of these are combs, trimmers, lint brushes, and velour lint brushes.
  • Durability - Buying an inexpensive item is one thing, but buying deshedding gloves that can withstand any force from you and thickness of hair from your dog is still the best way to go. There are also dogs who nibbles on your gloves every now and then, and that's why it's important for you to buy something that's durable enough. 
  • The length of your dog's hair - What are grooming gloves for? These are made especially to detangle your dog's hair. If you have a dog that has a long hair, then you should buy a mitt that has a long teeth so that you can easily brush the fur away without actually hurting your dog. Conversely, if you have a short-haired dog, a short and sleeker nub would be the suitable one for them. 
  • Size and fit of the dog deshedding gloves - There are hair remover gloves that come in one size that fits all. These are great options, too. But dog shedding gloves that specifically fits you will make your job a whole lot easier. Several products are suited particularly for you. 
  • Cost - For all the products that you are planning to buy, make sure that it's priced reasonably. Sure, there may be cheap options for you to choose from, but you have to check if it's durable enough for you to work with. The price should be as competitive as the performance of the product itself. 

These are just some of the factors that you will need to consider. There are a lot of gloves available in the market that you can choose from.


You may not realize its benefits at first, but it's also important when it comes to using the best pet grooming gloves. It's given that you can use these mitten brushes for your pup to detangle his hair after every bath and when you're grooming them. But here are some other benefits of using dog gloves.

  • It keeps your hand and nails healthy – Whenever you're giving your dog a groom, you shouldn't just focus on keeping him clean. You should also watch out for your personal hygiene. Grooming and bathing your dog are two of the hardest part of your routine when you're taking good care of your pup. However, you can make this a whole lot easier by purchasing gloves. You're not only going to finish your work faster than the usual, but you're also protecting yourself from any other bacteria or germs that you might get from your pup. A grooming glove makes sure that your hand remains clean and that there is no dirt stuck on your nails and hand.
  • It does your job in grooming a lot easier – Nicely and perfectly fitted deshedding gloves can do this for you. Sure, other gloves are available in general sizes, but with a nicely fitted glove, you can work flexibly with your pup. You won't have to worry about it getting out of your hand.
  • It makes your home cleaner - With gloves, it can catch the hair that comes from your pup every time you're grooming him. In this way, it won't be that hard to clean up every after a grooming session. 


You may not realize the constant need for you to purchase pet gloves, but if you've been personally grooming your dog for a long time, you would know how important it is to buy one. If you're just starting out and you've come reading this, you should put this product in your next to-buy list. Here are some of the reasons why you would need to purchase one:

  • It serves as your protection – When you're grooming your dog, you shouldn't only make it a point to keep your pup clean. You, as their owner and groomer, should also take care of yourself. When you're grooming your pet, there may be any fleas stuck in his fur. You wouldn't want to come in contact with that, would you? Using dog hair remover gloves will help eliminate these hazardous situations.
  • It keeps your fingernails and hands clean – The reason why we're grooming our pup is that their fur needs to be removed already. Chances are, it has been weeks since their last deshedding and would need a new one soon to keep them healthy. But also note that there may be a lot of dirt trapped under your dog's fur. Even if you brush it away, these dirt, germs, and bacteria may come in contact with your skin and may even transmit diseases to you or your food. The use of deshedding gloves and mitten brushes will help alleviate these kinds of problems.
  • It helps you work with your cats or pups more efficiently - When you're grooming your pets, it is without a doubt, hard to keep them steady at times. There may be even some instances when they throw in a tantrum and would just bite to keep you away from them. Putting pet gloves may help shield you away from the possible harm that your pets may induce to you during your grooming session. It's better to be safe than sorry! 


Yes, all gloves will work for all breed types. However, you should consider the type and length of your pup's fur. The only difference is that you should buy dog shedding gloves that have longer bristles for longer and thicker-haired pups, while shorter ones for shorter-haired pups. Pet hair remover mitts even work with other furry pets such as cats!


It depends on the manufacturers of the glove. Some have larger sizes than others while some are smaller than the average sizes. It's best that you look at the specifications of each product properly along with the sizing and fit to see what works best for you. However, for a more efficient grooming time and performance of your hair remover mitts, you should get a pair that fits your hand perfectly to avoid it getting loose while you're working.


For most of the pet grooming gloves, all you have to do is to simply peel off the fur that's stuck on the brush after grooming.



The HandsOn Pet grooming gloves have introduced another yet revolutionary shedding and grooming gloves. The gloves are durable enough that these are guaranteed that will not rip off when you're using them. It's safe for both you and your dog as it only helps in gently massaging your dog's coat during grooming time. This doesn't contain any hard metals in it so you won't have to worry about your pup getting scratched during the process. What sets this apart from other brands is that these gloves massage the natural oils from your dog's skin throughout their coat. In this way, it gives their coat the natural and healthy shine you're looking for.

Only that this product isn't only for grooming, it can be used when bathing your dogs, as well. So you're like hitting two functionalities with just one product. Simply keep it on while you're bathing your pup. Don't worry about it getting wet since it's made to dry after quite some time quickly. Also, you won't have to fumble around the area when you're reaching for the shower or the shampoo as it still has the comfortable and non-slip grip like your natural hand. The bristles on this deshedding gloves also help it to lather and produce bubbles on areas that are hard for you to reach without gloves.


  • Fits perfectly in your hands even if it's wet or dry
  • The hair won't stick to the gloves
  • Designed just right to massage and stimulate circulation in your dog's system
  • Two-speed operation available
  • Helps in keeping your hands and nails clean


  • Can be used both for big or small pups, even great for cats
  • Gloves don't rip out the fur from your pup's body
  • Available in unisex sizing


  • The ridges are loose
  • Material can start separating from the silicone nobs on the fingers


Pet Thunder's Better Petter indeed lives up to its name as you can use it as a gentler way to groom your pup. Gone are the days when your pup hates grooming time! They only hate it because you don't have the proper tools for it. But now, since you have help from the Better Petter gloves, it won't be much of a hassle than it was before. What's great about this product is that it traps the hair in the gloves so that you won't be able to inhale the fur when you're deshedding your canine.

It's also to your advantage because that will also mean that there is less fur flying around the area. This product works great for all breeds of both cats and canines. May they have long or short hair, thick or thin coats, this is the perfect gloves for you to use. One size fit most of the users. Plus, there's an additional safety fastener located at the wrist of the product so you can adjust it more with how it fits you.

Now, you can stop your canine's shedding by removing their excess hair. Only this time around, you're nose and surroundings are protected from the falling fur that you might remove from your canine's body. This will also help remove the mats and tangles of your canine's fur, making its coat cleaner and softer.


  • Has an adjustable Velcro touch faster to cater all hand sizes
  • Available in one universal, free-for-all size
  • Gloves trap the fur removed in it, so you're not going to inhale it
  • Can be brought during out-of-town getaways
  • Can also be used for bathing time


  • The excess hairs are trapped inside the hair remover mitt
  • Also removes matts and tangles
  • One size of the gloves fit all


  • Velcro strap used to secure the gloves may wear off over time
  • The sizes of the gloves' finger part do not fit most of the people


Pat Your Pet's grooming gloves are enhanced with five-finger design. This means that you don't have to worry about fumbling through the racks to get the shampoo. The five-finger design gives you more control than other deshedding gloves. It's a lot easier for you to groom your dog with this design since you're able to get to those hard-to-reach places like the face, legs, or tail. You don't have to worry about your dog's fur shedding as you can easily remove the loose pet hair with these gloves without any fur flying out.

The rubber tips included in these gloves also provide your pup with a relaxing massage while grooming. Grooming your pup doesn't have to be a chore anymore and time shouldn't be spent in chasing around your pup! Your dog will surely enjoy grooming this time around because of these gloves. The manufacturers of this product also guarantee that if you're not able to get rid of the excess hair with this, they will give you your money back. What more guarantee will you need?


  • Set includes both left and right-hand gloves
  • Enhanced with five-finger gloves
  • Can be used even if your pup's either dog or dry
  • Gloves have palm coating which will keep your fingernails and hands clean
  • Scrubbing nubs at the tip of the gloves to provide a relaxing experience for your pup


  • Easy and convenient to use for pet owners
  • Acts like a brush but works gentler
  • An affordable yet efficient way to groom your pet properly


  • Does not get rid of all excess hairs
  • The gloves are small for some users


Now, this is something cute! The newest Engerwall Hair Remover is far different from the rest. Skip the dull and boring gloves. Who says that you can't play with color? Pets are supposed to be cute so why won't the supplies for them won't be too? This hair brush makes it a lot easier for you to remove the hair of your pets. You'll have freshly groomed pups after using this hair remover gloves! This one-piece glove can also be used in bathing. It can be used on puppies even if they are wet or dry. Its five-finger design will make it easier for you to groom your pup and gives more versatility for your hand. It's available in one size, but it comes with an adjustable wrist strap to fit hands of all sizes.

With this hair remover mitt, you'll surely find it lightweight and breathable for your hands. It gently yet effectively removes hair on your pup. The lining of this is also fast-drying so that it will be easy for you to dry it out after bathing your canine. After using this, you can put it in a machine dryer, and the furs are easy to remove from this.


  • Comes with a cute and colorful design
  • Can be used for different pets
  • The gloves are made from lightweight and breathable materials
  • Gloves are machine-washable
  • Effectively removes excess hair on your pup


  • The color makes it easier for you to see the gloves when you're working in low-light
  • Comes with a five-fingered right-hand design
  • Can be used for all kinds of animals


  • Comes just in one size
  • Does not fit for some users


The Fastdeer is one of the best pet grooming glove is perfect for mimicking the cat's tongue barb. In this way, it makes the experience of grooming more natural than forced. It makes grooming time a lot more comfortable for them. Now, you won't have to worry about having a hard time getting your dog into the grooming table. Aside from that, the spikes included in the deshedding gloves make it possible for you to reach those places that are hard to reach thoroughly. By using this grooming glove, it will improve the blood circulation of your dog. This will also give him a healthy coat and skin, as well because of the natural oils released from their bodies.

Each backside of the grooming glove is made of breathable mesh cloth while the front side is made of rubber. The materials used in this glove are eco-friendly, and these surely won't harm the skin of your pup even if they are wet or dry. The glove is durable enough to fit all hand sizes as it is lined with elastic spandex fabric. There's also a Velcro strap you can use to ensure the right size for your hand. After grooming or bathing or pup with these gloves, you won't have a hard time removing the fur from the gloves.


  • Rubber side mimics cat's barb tongue for more relaxing and natural grooming feel
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Has an adjustable Velcro strap that will help the glove be secured in place
  • Lined with elastic spandex fabric
  • Guaranteed with a refund when broken


  • Gives your furry friends a relaxing grooming feel
  • The hairs are not hard to remove from the rubber
  • The rubbers are hard but gentle to the skin at the same time


  • The gloves are too big and too lose for some people that have small hands
  • More expensive than the other gloves


The LPVLUX Pet grooming gloves are effective in removing hair. It works gently as it provides an easier solution for tangled dog hair. Its five-finger glove design makes it easier for you to bathe or groom your dog as it gives you added ability. At the same time, it provides a sensational massage while grooming. You won't have to worry about hurting your pup while grooming him with these gloves.


  • Helps in contributing to a cleaner home environment
  • Made from authentic quality materials
  • Effective pet hair remover
  • Comes with a professional and stylish design
  • Comfortable and relaxing to use for pets


  • Designed professionally to work appropriately for dogs of all fur types
  • Comes with an adjustable strap to further fit the gloves in place
  • Gentle on your dog's coat


  • Only comes in one size
  • The bristles are short


This grooming glove by Kennels and Kats are equipped with 260 tips to give your pet a massage. The tips make the experience for your pet gentler and more relaxing. They don't have to detest grooming time now, as it will make them as comfortable as they want to be. One pair of gloves will work for all with different coat types. It also works effectively as the best Fido shedding gloves. This does not only remove excess fur and dirt on your dog's coat, but it improves their blood circulation, as well. It's made from BPA-free materials which make it safe for even the most sensitive pups. It has no allergens, and it does not contain any toxic silicone products.


  • The gloves are made from breathable mesh materials
  • Easy to use
  • Designed with 260 tips that will give your Fido a relaxing massage
  • Comes in a beautifully crafted box which you can use to give as a gift
  • Includes a handy storage bag to keep the products in


  • This box set can be sent as a gift on its own
  • The tips help in blood circulation
  • Works on different types of dog hairs


  • The gloves break off easily
  • It's not made of durable materials


If you're looking for the perfect grooming tool to use on your pet, then look no further because DrillTop's gloves have a new design pattern for its knobs. The knobs are perfectly placed and distanced from one other to increase their functionality. The whole mitts are not only present on the tips of the fingers, but it's also located in the palm as well. The hair remover globes allow you to pet and groom your pups at the same time. It works both on wet or dry pets so you can use it when they're bathing as well.


  • The knobs are strategically placed in distances far from each other to give off a more relaxing feel for your pup
  • Good to use for wet and dry pups
  • Comes with an adjustable wrist strap to fit your hands evenly
  • Gloves rinse clean of hair, oil, and dirt
  • Can be used to detangle your dog's matted hair


  • Comes in different sizes to cater to various hand lengths
  • Easier and comfortable to use on animals
  • Can be used to pet and groom your dog at the same time


  • More expensive than other deshedding gloves
  • The rubbers of this gloves are hard


Hippiepet's Combi Glove is a 2-in-1 combination glove that can be used to remove the fur on animals, furniture, and clothes. When you purchase this product, you're not only going to use this for your pup, but you can also use it on surfaces that has your pup's fur on it. This leaves you nothing but a clean and a fur-free home. The newest design resembles that of a brush. A 7-millimeter spiral rubber brush is incorporated in the gloves itself. Aside from its dual functionality, you can also use one side of the gloves for the brush and the other for the hair remover itself.


  • The glove can be used not only on animals but on surfaces as well
  • Designed with a 7 mm spiral rubber brush
  • One side can be used as a brush while the other side as a hair remover
  • Has a two-part effect, one is for the gentle fingers part, and the other is for the rough part
  • Made from durable materials


  • The wrist part can be adjusted to give a better fit
  • Its dual purpose extends the capability of the product
  • The brush is gentle on your pup's coat


  • It is not waterproof
  • Comes only in one size


The Delomo Pet grooming glove is actually the predecessor of the same name. The upgraded version has enhanced 255 silicone grooming tips. This makes it possible for it to get that natural touch that you have. The gloves itself is flexible and easy to slip-on your hand. In this way, you're able to brush the dirt away and the loose hair from, as well.

This pet grooming brush is perfect for both long and short-haired pups. Also, the hair that's shed out doesn't just fall to the ground or fly in the air. It sticks to the glove which makes it a lot easier for you to peel and throw it away afterward. You can also use this as a bath brush. This is made of eco-friendly materials and is proven to be safe to use animals. Its soft rubber ensures gentle massage and won't leave any scratches on your dog's skin afterward.


  • Multi-functional use for the upgraded version of this particular product
  • This comes with enhanced 255 soft rubber tips
  • The wrist strap can be adjusted
  • The whole product is lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to clean as it is machine washable


  • Made from eco-friendly and durable materials
  • The bristles are long enough to cater to those dogs with thick coats
  • Rubbers are free from any materials that would cause any skin damage


  • Only available in one size
  • The size is too small for some users


With this, you have learned the importance of buying the best groomer gloves for your canine. Not only that your Fido going to benefit from it, but it will make your grooming time a lot easier. There are a lot of canine grooming gloves you can buy on the market. You just have to pick one that satisfies your needs and can last for a long time.

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