10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Sit On Me

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that they can be the best companions. They offer unconditional love and support. Our pets are cute, funny, loving and loyal! Thus, we love them so much! However, sometimes they do some things that are just downright confusing! One of those things brings up the question, why does my dog sit on me?

There are various reasons why your pets seem to love being close to you. But for some reason, they sit on you a lot. It can be frustrating at times when your dog tries to take up all the space in bed with you or sits on you while watching TV, eating your dinner, or laying in bed.

In this article, we will explore ten reasons why does my dog sit on me. We will also discuss possible solutions if pet owners want their dogs to stop sitting on them.

Reasons Why My Dog Sits on Me

Dogs have been domesticated for ages, but humans have yet to understand what they think or feel. Our pets may communicate through barking and crying, but body language is their most important way of conveying information.

Most dogs act in accordance with their body language. Some of them are subtle calming signals such as a yawn or shaking. But some of their actions or behaviour are hard to interpret. One of them is the reason why they would sit on us. Here are some of the common reasons for the question, why does my dog sit on me?

1. Your Dog Wants You to Pet Them

Dogs are social animals and want to be loved. It is their way of communicating with you that they need affection.

Your fur buddy considers rewards to be an achievement – whether it is a treat, a scratch behind the ear and pets. They will gladly showcase their good deeds and tricks to please their owners.

When your pet sits on you or curls on your lap, they expect your hand to run through their coat for some petting session. Doing this to your pet calms them and soothes them when they are anxious or stressed.

2. Your Dog Wants to Keep Warm

Dogs feel the cold. And when it’s not that warm, they will seek a way to keep themselves from getting chilly. One of their solutions is to sit on you, especially on your feet!

Like humans, dogs are prone to cold and heat. When they are cold, they will devise ways to warm up. They would burrow in blankets, sit in front of your warmer or curl up like a ball of warmth.

Instinctively, our pets also seek out bodily heat sources as they would in wolf packs. A mass of warm bodies is more effective in conserving heat, so they sit on you to feel warm.

3. Your Dog Wants to Show You Love and Affection

dog sitting on me

Another common reason your dog sits on you is that they want to show their love and affection. Dogs are affectionate and love to show their owners how much they care about them! They would sit close or lay with their heads on your lap, lick their face and be so excited when you come home from work or school.

If anything has happened while we were gone, like a new fluffy toy or a trip to the vet, they would want you to know as soon as possible. They are just so happy and excited about it!

You can also expect lots of exciting licking once they settle on a spot or sit on you.

4. Your Dog Wants to Get Attention

Dogs are intelligent and can sense your mood. If you seem sad, stressed out or upset, they would want a way to cheer you up! They know that sitting on your lap is one of the best ways to get attention from their owners. And what’s more loving than a dog who wants to hug you?

But if your dog is getting too clingy, it might be time for them to get some exercise or playtime.

5. Asserting Dominance

There are also instances when your pet sits on you as a way to show dominance. They might be trying to tell you that they want their favorite spot in the house or attention from people who matter most – like children and adults!

Dogs with major behavioral problems such as anxiety, separation issues, stress can trigger them to sit unnecessarily. Learning what your dog’s body language is will help you understand their needs better.

6. Your Pet May Be Jealous or Feeling Left Out

Every dog wants attention, and it is natural for them to be jealous of other people or pets around you. They feel left out if they don’t get enough love, affection and contact from their owners.

It can also happen when a new person joins your family – such as an in-law who has often been visiting lately. It might not be anything personal, but your pet is just feeling insecure.

Dogs may also feel like they are in competition with other pets that you have, too, such as a new cat or the family dog.

7. It is in Their Genes

Some dog breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, are more prone to sitting down or laying on their owners. They do this as it is in their genes, and it is instinctive to want attention from the pack leader. In this case, they want attention from you!

This behavior is also common in lap dogs. These small dog breeds are social and have a mild temperament. They are bred to encourage companionship and tend to spend time sitting on their owner’s lap.

Some examples of these breeds include the Shih Tzu, Pekingese and French Bulldog.

These dogs are trained to stay on your lap all the time. However, they are also prone to separation anxiety when you take them away from you. They may be afraid of what might happen if they stop sitting on you – like being sent away from home.

8. For Security

Your pet may sit on you because they want to keep you safe and secure. You are their source of love, affection and food. Thus they need to know your every move.

It is often your dog’s way of finding out when you leave the house or are about to prepare food for them.

But typically, some dogs want to be aware of your movements because they feel that it is their job to protect you. Sitting on you makes your pet feel that both of you are safe because you are together.

9. To Spread Their Scent

Another reason why dogs might sit on you is that they want to spread their scent. It can be a way for them to mark and claim you as theirs!

Dogs have an instinctive need to leave their scent around the place that belongs to them or where they feel safe.

It could also happen if your pet feels threatened, insecure or needs reassurance that you are there for them.

10. To Have Some Fun

Lastly, dogs might also sit on you just because they want to play! They are curious and very playful by nature.

They may be trying to get your attention or have fun with something moving in front of them. Some dogs will do this to show happiness and excitement for their owner’s arrival home from work or a trip.

Is Sitting on Me a Normal Dog Behavior?

No, not really. Dogs who love their humans will typically follow them around and wait for some attention from the pack leader or owner.

Dogs are affectionate animals that thrive on interaction with people because they are pack animals by nature. They want to please their owners, and so they will do anything to get this attention.

But if your pet is sitting on you in a constant and unwanted manner, it may be time to take action. You will need to identify the root of the problem before coming up with a solution that works best for both parties involved.

Do not hesitate to ask your vet or behaviourist about solutions – they are experts, after all! You will find that there are different tips and tricks for stopping dogs from sitting on you.

Should You Encourage Your Dog to Sit On You?

The answer to this question is not black or white – it does depend on the situation. It might be a sign that your dog needs some love and attention from you. It might be a harmless habit that they develop in their desire to stay close to you.

On the other hand, some dogs have grown to be huge goofballs, and they are putting on too much weight while sitting on you. You might find it discomforting always to have them positioned on you.

Tips to Stop Dogs From Sitting On You

There are some things you can do to stop your dog from sitting on you all the time. Here are some tried and tested methods to discourage your dog from getting too comfortable on your feet or any spot on your body.

Teach your pet to sit on other areas in the household, such as their dog bed. It is also a great way to teach them manners and where it is acceptable for dogs to be while in the house, such as near their bed or under the table.

  • Do not reward your pet by giving them attention when they get up from sitting on you.
  • Actively discourage this behavior by telling them to move and not allow your pet to sit on you.
  • Give a command for your dog to get off of you, such as “no”, or use their name in conjunction with the word no.
  • Use distractions like toys or treats that can keep them busy instead of sitting on you.
  • Don’t give more attention to one pet than the other. If several pets are in the household, show equal attention to them and avoid favouring one over the other. Your pet may feel jealous or sad if you neglect them.


While there are many reasons why does my dog sits on me, the most important thing to do is identify the root of this behavior and work your way from there. These reasons may be endearing while others are confusing. There are still many things about dogs and their body language that owners need to understand. If this habit does not seem weird to you, you can ignore it. But for pets who persistently sit on their owners all the time, you might need to take action.

You can try different methods, including using toys or treats as distractions for sitting dogs instead of giving them attention when they jump up. There are no tailor-made solutions on how to deal with this problem, but it is important to identify the root of the behavior to find a solution.


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