Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Bed? Top Reasons Why!

If you always find yourself being boxed out of your bed by your pooch, you should start asking why my dog sleeps on my bed so much? Many pet parents find themselves fighting between the urge to cuddle their pets as they nap and not allowing them to hop on the bed to settle on and sleep. Whether you are encouraging the behavior and indulging your pet to sleep in your bed, it is not the only reason why they love sleeping on your bed.

Historically, our dogs’ wolf ancestors are pack animals. They hunt, feed, and stay close, and sleep together to keep each other safe. Puppies also huddle together to keep warm when they sleep. Even in the modern era of dogs, this pack mentality remains with them and they want to sleep close to their family members. When they stay close to you as they sleep, it means that they trust, love, and will protect you because you are part of their pack. Even when you are not around, these dogs may still want to sleep in your bed because it has your scent, and they feel safe with it because you are the leader of their pack.

On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why dogs sleep with their owners. Even in these modern times, their wolf instinct persists, and they have that need to protect the pack members, especially the offspring of the alpha, which is the pet owner. Since you’re the leader of your dog’s pack, your dog might want to be near you. Likewise, when a new member is introduced to the pack, a dog’s protective instinct kicks in. Thus, dogs are often extra protective of babies and children. Similarly, when you see your dog sleeping in your bed, it means that they are on guard


Common Reasons Why Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed

It’s a common dilemma among modern-day dog owners. Even if you don’t do anything that encouraging the behavior, they love sleeping with their pet owners. And it means sleeping in your bed. Despite buying that expensive dog bed for your pet, they take one sniff and take off to hop on the bed they love – your bed. Here are some of the potential reasons why your dog sleep in the bed you own rather than the one you bought them. Understanding them can help us convince them to stay off your personal sleeping space and stay in theirs.

  • They are Lonely – most dogs do not like to sleep alone, and when you allow them to sleep with you once, they will try to sleep with you each night after that. They will whimper and look at you with sad eyes when you tell them to get off your bed.
  • Dogs Get Cold Sometimes – a cozy duvet and a human-sized heater make your bed a lot comfier than the dog bed for your pooch. Your bed is more inviting for dog sleeping than shivering in its own body heat. Hoping on their dog owner’s bed can warm their nose and toes under your sheets too.
  • Your Bed Smells Good – Freshly laundered sheets have a fantastic scent, and if you love it, so does your dog. As much as we love to preserve the smell of our bed, it also draws our pets to our bed.
  • Or, Your Bed Smells Like Them – another potential reason why your dog loves your bed is that it smells and feel like them. When they start sleeping on your bed, it will soon smell like theirs.
  • Dogs Love Wide Bed Spaces – while most dogs form a donut-like shape to sleep, they don’t stay circular all night. Your bed provides your pet with plenty of spaces for pets to stretch out their big bodies and give them a comfortable sleep.
  • Your Dog Feels Left Out – dogs only have one classification of love, and they don’t understand that they can still be loved even if they don’t get nocturnal cuddles from their human best friend.
  • Your Pet is Feeling Entitled – some dogs are hilarious when they start acting like they are royalty. In some cases, they bring this sense of entitlement by claiming your bed.
  • Your Bedsheets Feels Good – compared to their dog beds, your bed is made for comfort and luxury, and your pooch knows that yours has quality linens. Once they hop on your bed, they instantly know that they belong there.
  • They Love You – the bottom line of why your dog sleeps on your bed is because they love you and they have separation anxiety when they are away from their humans. They know that it is wrong, it is not their place, and it will annoy you. But they want to be with you and smell your scent even when you are away. They can best do this when they sleep on your bed.

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What Are The Favorite Spots of Dogs In Your Bed?

Dogs can sleep anywhere as long as you are there with them. They can sleep beside you on the couch or your feet while you watch television on the sofa. If you open your bed to them and start sleeping with your dog, they may claim the spot as their own. Here are some of the most common areas that dogs love to sleep in your bed or room.

The End of the Bed

If your pet loves to sleep at the end of the bed, it is probably because it has a lot of space in this spot. It is a popular sleeping position for most dogs. It may mean that your pet wants to stay close to you, but they also respect your personal space. Sleeping at the end of your bed may also mean that they recognize you as their alpha.

On Top of You

A dog that sleeps on top of its owners feels like a weighted blanket. Sleeping with your dog is quite comfortable for you and your pet. If your pet is co sleeping with you this way, it means that they don’t want to be apart from you even in sleep. Your dog may be too dependent on you and that you are spending too much time together in your waking hours.

Next To Your Bed

Not all dogs can jump onto your bed, and there are pet owners who wouldn’t allow their pets into their beds. Thus, some dogs make do by sleeping on the side or the floor next to your bed. When they do this, they demonstrate their devotion to you. It also means that they know your personal space and theirs, but they still want to stay close to you.


Spooning is a common sleeping position for people, but do you spoon with your pooch? Unless you have an incredibly huge and dexterous dog, they are often the little spoon. When your pet allows you to cuddle them close when you are co sleeping, it means that they have their full trust in you as their pet dog owner and they feel protected by your presence.

On Your Face

Some pets can be extra obnoxious and will try to sleep on their owners. Please don’t be mad at them; they are only trying to be as close to you as they can. But of course, this can be too close for comfort, and trying to remove them is not fun for both of you. Work out some boundaries for you and your pup by asserting your role as the alpha during your waking hours.

In the Middle of the Bed

No matter how small your dog is, they can claim the whole bed as their own when they sleep in the middle of it. They may think that their need for space is more important than yours; thus, start teaching them to be more space-conscious, especially if you’d allow them to sleep on your bed.

Under Your Bed

The space underneath your bed may not be a comfortable space for a human, but some dogs think otherwise. Some canines love tight and dark spaces because their wolf ancestors used to sleep in dens. If your dog prefers the area under the bed, it could be because of his natural instincts, and he is comfortable in that space.

Under the Covers

If your dog likes to sleep under the covers, it is also related to their ancestor’s instinct to sleep in tight spaces. Sleeping this way brings them closer to you and that they share a special bond with you.

In Their Bed

Some dogs ignore the beds, but some appreciate having their personal space and territory. It also shows that they are confident in your relationship and are still loyal to you as their master.

Next To You on Your Bed

Your dog probably appreciates the finer things and the comfort of sleeping on the bed if they sleep next to you. They don’t have the urge to smother you while you sleep because they are secure in their attachment with you.


Tips to Get Your Dog to Sleep On Their Bed

Training pets to comply with your commands is already challenging. So here are some useful tips for you to teach your dogs to sleep on their bed.

Give Your Pet the Feeling of Being Close In Their New Bed

Dogs love the scent of their favorite person in the house. Thus, though they don’t have a favorite item, you can add something on their bed that will remind them of their favorite person. Grab a piece of clothing of the person they are attached to and toss it in your pet’s new bed. This will help them get accustomed to their new bed.

Basic Obedience Training

Teaching your pet basic obedience command can significantly help them love their bed. Start with a simple walk towards your dog bed until they get in it. Put them in a “down” position and reward them with a treat. It will give them the impression that staying in their bed is a good move and will provide them with a treat.

Get A Comfortable Dog Bed

If you want your pet to stay in his bed, make sure to choose something comfortable for them. Imagine what being kicked out from that soft and comfy bed of yours and being delegated to the hard floor would feel for them. Thus, get them something that will also be comfortable for them to sleep in so that they will not sneak into your bed once again.

Some features for you to consider are dog beds made with memory foam base, water-resistant cover, and non-skid bottoms. Some products will make your dog feel the same cuddly feeling that your mattress gives. It will also provide ample support for your dog’s muscles and joints.

dog spooning with owner on the bed

Use Positive Reinforcement Training and Rewards

Most dogs are motivated by dog food, but it is not only food that you can give as rewards. They also love hearing kind words and positive reinforcement training, especially “good boy.” Even their toys can be a reward for them, so you don’t need to give them a food treat every time they get on their bed. It will only be essential during the start so that your dog will enjoy the bed. It’s as simple as giving them a treat every time they get on their bed, either with your command or by themselves. If they feel proud of them, they will want to get on their bed often.


Your dog can learn to love and sleep in their bed. Even if they keep on hopping on your bed and show that they love to sleep on your bed, you can start teaching them to stay out and respect your personal space. There will be nights when they are extra stubborn and show signs of separation anxiety, but you have to be consistent in your training. If you slack off and let them get on once, they will think that it is okay to sleep on your bed once again. Dog owners should be the pack leader and your stress levels will go lower once your dog learns to love and sleep on their bed.


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