100+ Popular Chinese Dog Names With Meaning – Finding the Perfect Name for Your Adorable Pooch

First of all, congratulations on your new dog! We know why you are looking around for potential names for the latest member of your family. Having a new dog in the house means that there are many considerations to be made. Apart from preparing the space, schedule, and the responsibilities that come with becoming a pet owner, you also have to think of proper names for them. 

And how that you have the puppy at home, what do you name them? Max, Princess or other English names are too common. Charlie and Steven sound weird and all too human. Flufferton is funny but too long, so how about scanning our list of popular Chinese Dog names? 

Whether you have Chinese dogs breeds or you just want something Asian-inspired to call your pup, our list of cute and easy to recall terms is sure to provide what you are looking for. Read and discover unique and popular choices for your pets!

Choosing a Good Name for Your Pet

The right name sticks with your dog, and it can make things a lot easier as they grow into adulthood. Whether you choose to have cute Asian dog breeds that need a name from China or something extraordinary, you have to ensure that the one you pick is on point. You don’t want something that’s just funny or unique; you want the perfect name for your pet. Here are some tips to help you decide.

  • Pick out one that you genuinely like. You will be calling your pet with this moniker all your life; you should enjoy how it sounds too.
  • Choose one or two-syllable names. Longer ones can be difficult for pooches to understand. And if they don’t get it, you’ll have to struggle to stay it over and over again
  • Try a new name for two to three days and see how well your dog responds to it.
  • Don’t pick out names that sound like commands that you teach your pet. It would confuse “Bo” when you show them “No” or “Joe” when you tell them “Go.” 
  • Never name your beloved pet anything offensive or embarrassing. Terms that are potential slurs, general insults, vulgar slang and others with a curse word should never be used to call your pet. 
  • Pick out something simple and avoid complicated names. If you want to use a complicated name for your canine buddy, then prepare to give them a nickname too. 

If you are adopting a puppy, then you can give them a new name. On the other hand, if you will have an adult dog, avoid changing the name that they already know. 

Additionally, avoid using your pet’s name when you are angry. They might associate their names with something negative. Keep in mind that your pooch may not fully understand your words, but they do understand your emotions. 

Should I Choose a Chinese Name for My Dog?

Lucky chinese dog names

You might be familiar with popular Chinese dog breeds like the Shar pei, Pekinese, Shih Tzu and the Chinese Crested. These breeds are pampered pooches not only in China but around the world. Well, you might even have one; thus, you’re looking around for a Chinese name for your pooch. Chinese is a language family. It has several varieties, but the most used is Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Chinese languages are ancient languages. Inscriptions were found dating back to 1200 BC. Variations of the languages have developed, but there is a Standard Chinese language that is mostly based on the two widely-used varieties.    

More so, the Chinese language is very complicated. There are different combinations, and each syllable may mean differently based on the tone and pitch used. Although a bit challenging, learning Chinese words can be a very worthwhile experience. 

Choosing a Chinese dog name brings you the beauty of the Chinese and Oriental heritage. You will appreciate Chinese characters more upon learning from their literature, culture and history. Likewise, knowing more about Chinese dog breeds will showcase the vital roles that they have played throughout the dynasties. 

Check out these names that we’ve collected and categorized for you. We have compiled name that you can use for both male and female pooch, and we also have suggestions if you have some small or large dog breeds to name.

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Chinese Names for Male Dogs

Most Chinese characters used to name dogs can be used for both males and females. But we have selected these terms, alongside their meanings, that we think would make great monikers for your doggie.

  • Chen - Great
  • Changing - Forever Bright
  • Cheung - Good luck
  • Chen Gong - Success
  • Dao - Sword
  • Fu Han - Broad Minded
  • Heng - Eternal
  • Hui - Spendor
  • Ji - Lucky
  • Junjie - Handsome and Outstanding
  • Liang - Excellent
  • Ling - Understanding
  • Longwei - Greatness of a Dragon
  • Quon - Bright
  • Xin - New

Chinese Names for Female Dogs

Great Chinese characters describing the female gender sounds dainty and perfect for your girl puppies. Here are some ideas to help you find the most suitable Chinese name.

  • Ai - Loving
  • Chun Hua - Spring Flower
  • Chynna - Fine Porcelain
  • Fang - Fragrant
  • Hua - Flower
  • Jia - Beautiful
  • Lee - Plum
  • Lian - Dainty and delicate
  • Lin - Beautiful Jade
  • Meiying - Beautiful Flower
  • Shu - Warm hearted
  • Xiaolian - Little Lotus
  • Yue - Moon
  • Zhen - Chaste
  • Zhenzhen - Precious

Chinese Dog Names According to Appearance

If you are looking for a Chinese name for your pet that is based on how they look or their appearance, here are some inspiration: 

  • Bai - Pure white
  • Da - Big
  • Gengi - Golden
  • Jin - Gold
  • Jun - Handsome
  • Lian - Graceful
  • Ling - Delicate
  • Lian - Dainty and delicate
  • Mei - Beautiful
  • Na - Graceful
  • Wei - Tall
  • Xun - Fast
  • Diandian - Spotted
  • Yuan - Rounded
  • Tai - Big
  • Yin - Silver

Chinese Dog Names According to their Personality

Some pet owners choose nicknames for their pets when they show some distinct personality. For instance, An which means “Peaceful” is an ideal name for both male and female pets who are well-behaved. Here are some Chinese terms for inspirations when you want to call them according to their personality.

Male dog names with meaning: 

  • Chong - Powerful
  • Chung - Wise
  • Gan - Bold or Brave
  • Hao - Smart or Clever
  • Jie-Rui - Quick-minded
  • Ken-Zhi - Earnest
  • Minzhe - Sensitive
  • Quiang - Strong
  • Shilin - Smart
  • Xueyou - Friendly

For Females:

  • Ah lam - Peace
  • Ai - Loving
  • Hui - Kind
  • Huiqing - Affectionate
  • Huizhong - Wise and Loyal
  • Jiao - Charming
  • Shu - Kind and Gentle
  • Qiao - Skillful
  • Ying - Clever
  • Cha-juan - Graceful

Names Good for both Male and Female

  • Gang - Strong
  • He - Harmony
  • Hui - Wise
  • Ju - Enormous
  • Min - Clever
  • Nao Nao - Naughty
  • Ning - Serene
  • Nuan - Warm
  • Qiang - Energetic
  • Sai Hu - Fast
  • Tangtang - Sweetie

Chinese Names According to Size

chinese inspired dog names

Canines come in all shapes and sizes. Chinese dog breeds vary widely in size, appearance and characteristics. You don’t have to call them “Da” if they are big, or “Xiao” if they are small. Here are some ideal terms that you can use to call your pooch according to their size.

For small pets like the Chinese Crested, Shih Tzu, Pug and Pekingese:

  • Lian - means dainty and delicate
  • Hu (female) - means kind and gentle
  • Luliv - means dewy jasmine
  • Gongzu - Princess
  • Keai - Lovely
  • Ban Lu - Companion
  • Ke Ai - Cute
  • Huanghou - Empress
  • Shunu - Lady
  • Pengyou - Friend
  • Hsiao Hao - Baby
  • Ping - Cookie

Additionally, here are some inspiration for naming large and medium dog breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff, Chow chow or the Shar pei.

  • Gang - Strength
  • Ming Tun - Heavy
  • Shan - Mountain
  • Jian - Healthy
  • Hong Li - Great Strength
  • Xhiao Ran - Little Wolf
  • Xueyou - Friendly and Smart
  • Chao - Great One
  • Xun - Swift
  • Tao - Long Life
  • Shensi - Gentleman
  • Gan - Adventure

Chinese Dog Names According to Color

Still haven’t decided on a dog name? Maybe you can call them something that describes their color. Dogs come in different hues and tones too. There are white, brown, black, silver and gold. Here are some fantastic options for naming your pooch according to their coat. 

  • Bai - a unisex option for a white-colored pooch
  • Chang - unisex term to describe the colors of “sunlight”
  • Hong - means colorful for both male and female
  • Huang (Male) - Yellow
  • Jin (Male) - Gold
  • Cai (Female) - Colorful
  • Quing (Female) - Dark Blue
  • Tao (Female) - Peach
  • Xue (Female) - Snow
  • Yang (Female) - Sun

Dog Names Inspired by Chinese Cities or Towns

Some pet owners have become quite experimental when it comes to naming their fur babies. It might be because they miss their home towns, or these places are memorable to them. Some of the most popular bets are Beijing, Taipei and Macau. But if you don’t see yourself calling your pooch with these, here are some spectacular places that are not too obvious for a moniker. Be sure to check our list of asian dog names

  • Xi’an - This city is known as the Window to China’s Ancient Civilization. The place has plenty of relics and historical sites
  • Guilin - a historical and cultural city, considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.
  • Hangzhou - declared by Marco Polo as the most beautiful city in the world
  • Chengdu - the home town of the Giant Panda. An ideal name for your beloved Chow-chow.
  • Suzhou - a place known for its traditional gardens and water towns

Chinese Dog Names Based on Characters

China has been popularized by characters from their legends, religion, heritage and tradition. As long as you respect their culture, you are free to name your beloved dogs from one of their characters. Here are some ideas:

  • Buddha
  • Chang’e - Goddess of the Moon
  • Da Yu - Legendary Ruler
  • Dizang - God of Hell
  • Fushi - God of Happiness
  • Gong gong - Sea Monster
  • Hou Yi - God of Archers
  • Lei Gong - God of Thunder
  • Pangu - Creator in Chinese Mythology
  • Yu Di - Jade Emperor

Wrap Up

No matter what you call your pooch, be sure to choose one that you like and one that your pet will respond to. As long as you are happy with your choice, no one will care if its foreign-sounding or unusual name in your place. Migration has made the foreign languages, names and characters common everywhere. Although some Chinese have opted for English names, they still choose to call their pets in their native language. Chinese remains to be exotic and unique; therefore, many dog owners are also inclined to pick a Chinese dog name for their pooch.  


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