10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Lick My Legs

why Dog wants to licking my feet and legs

There are many reasons why does my dog lick my legs. Some pet owners hardly take notice of this behavior in their pets. But dogs have this habit of licking your legs, toes, and feet. It can happen anywhere – while sitting on the sofa, eating your dinner in the kitchen or even when you …

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10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Sit On Me


If you’re a dog owner, then you know that they can be the best companions. They offer unconditional love and support. Our pets are cute, funny, loving and loyal! Thus, we love them so much! However, sometimes they do some things that are just downright confusing! One of those things brings up the question, why …

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Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me? Is it a Good or a Bad Thing?

cute dog sleeping with a teddy bear

New pet parents may always wonder, “why does my dog sleep on me?” There are probably a thousand reasons why dogs like to stay close to their human companion. It could be that they seek protection, warmth, and closeness. Your pooch will insist on staying near you instead of their sleeping position on the floor. …

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Make a Splash: The Top 8 Dog Swimming Pools for Summer Fun

dog swimming pools list

Almost all dogs love to cool down by playing and swimming in the water. Except for a few breeds, our canine companions are born swimmers. Dogs would dive in for a dip or swim whenever they have the chance; however, only a few public pools will welcome your pooch. And, driving to a beach or …

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Dog Bath Tubs: The Ultimate Bathing Solution for Your Pet

Dog bath tubs review

Dogs are adorable creatures until they become so stinky and so dirty they turn your home upside down! One of the many challenges that come with having a canine buddy is keeping them clean, hygienic, and always ready for cuddles. Unfortunately, not all pooches enjoy getting all wet and scrubbed to tips. You will need …

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7 Best Flea Collar For Dogs [Top Picks & Guide 2021]

Dog Flea Collars Guide

Fleas are one of the most common parasites that cause skin itching and irritations in canines. And while it is common, bites from such pests can lead to severe and sometimes life-threatening conditions. Fortunately, there is a wide range of products that effectively protect pets against pests and parasites. One of which is the flea …

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The Best Pug Names: Popular And Cutest Names (With Meanings)

Famous Pug Names

The Pug breed has unique physical characteristics that make it challenging for pet owners to come up with the perfect Pug Name. This dog breed is known for being mischief-makers, but they can be all-out silly just to be the center of attention. If getting a dog to release stress is true, then they must …

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Best Harness for Pugs [TOP PICKS & GUIDE]

Pugs are one of a kind. These little furballs are sweet, silly, and loyal to a fault. They hailed from China and were once royal pets of the Emperors before becoming world-favorite snuggle buddies. The Pug has a winning personality and adorable good looks. Every pet parent wants to show them off to the world; …

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Best Dog Food for Pugs [Top Picks & Guide 2021]

dog food for pugs list

Pugs are completely irresistible. They are adorable, quirky, and naughty with a unique and funny appearance. Despite looking all compact and sturdy, these dogs require attention and care to keep them healthy and contented. That being said, you must often wonder – what is the best dog food for Pugs?For canines to stay in great …

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200+ Amazing Japanese Dog Names And Their Meanings

Japanese Dog Names and Meanings

Konichiwa! Welcome to our definitive guide to the most amazing Japanese dog names and their meanings! Japan has remarkable dog breeds that have become very popular around the world. These dogs were in movies, anime sitcoms and were even made into stuffed toys for kids to enjoy. But Japan doesn’t just have extraordinary dog breeds. …

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