18 Beagle Fun Facts That Every Beagle Lovers Should Know

Beagles are a popular breed around the world. They are popular and well-loved family dogs in the US!

The Beagle’s popularity is probably due to their adorable looks and outgoing personalities. Or it could be because they are great companions for children and adults alike. And although they are not always the most adaptable canines, they are very social and affectionate.

It is hard to resist the appeal of the Beagle breed. These purebred dogs have brown pleading eyes that will make you want to give in and shower them with affection. If you are a soft-hearted person, you should certainly think twice about having the Beagle as a pet. Once they learn that they can dominate you, they will indeed run your life around. On the other hand, if this does not concern you, Beagles will do great as a companion.

The Beagle dogs are funny and sweet. These dogs love to socialize, and they need it early to grow up as well-rounded pets. Life with a Beagle is never dull, and if you get an adult pet, you will enjoy bonding with them. Just keep in mind that having them as pets will not always be easy. But if you stay consistent with training and loving them, you’ll be rewarded with so much more!

Here are interesting facts to know more about the Beagles and why they are one of the most beloved dog breeds:

1. Beagles are small, but they are Big!

It doesn’t sound very clear, but yes. Beagles are generally under the small dog category, but they have two different sizes. To classify a pure Beagle breed, it must fall under the height limits.

Some stand under 13 inches. Thus, they are considerably smaller than other breeds. However, some Beagles are slightly bigger but are short of 15 inches tall. In the US, dogs that go beyond this limit will be under another classification.

On the other hand, there is another size classification implemented in the UK. In this part of the world, Beagles can be as tall as 16 inches. It is a 3-inch difference from the standard set for this breed in the US.

2. The Beagle Ear and Nose Tandem

The ears and the nose have different functions, though they are in the same system in the body. For Beagles, these two areas function uniquely together. The breed standard requires that the tip of the Beagle’s ears reach the tip of their nose when drawn out.

It seems like the norm because Beagle ears are large and long. And it is supposed to help these dogs keep up with the scent that they are following. How? Well, according to experts, Beagle ears catch and keep the scent particles close to the dog’s nose. Thus, this dog can take as much scent information as possible. These physical attributes make Beagles excellent hunting and detection dogs.  They are one of the few dog breeds and scent hound dogs that use the nose and ear combo.

3. Great Vocalization Abilities

If you love peace and quiet, Beagles might not be your ideal home buddy. They are not known for being quiet. The word “beagle” comes from “begueule,” a French word meaning gaped throat! You can expect Beagles to be loud as they take mouthing-off to the next level in this unique canine behavior.

But why are they so noisy and loud? Beagles have this unique skill, and they can vocalize in three ways. These dogs can bark the regular bark, they can howl, and the bay. A bark and howl are two common noises dogs make, but not many have heard bays before. A beagle’s bay is like yodeling. These dogs bay when they are hunting.

But they also bay when they are stubborn, agitated, or just playful. This popular breed will try to use all these three types of vocalization to get its owner’s attention. Thus, it’s not uncommon to hear singing beagles if you have a house full of them.

4. Beagles are Career-Oriented

If there are multi-talented dogs, Beagles will be on top of the list. These dogs will be one of the wealthiest canines if they ever get paid for their jobs. They are often hired as working dogs, rescue dogs and handles airport inspection tasks. They are also members of mountain rescue teams. In the US, Beagles work for Homeland Security and make up the famous Beagle Brigade. They search luggage for smuggled food items. These dogs worked with the likes of German Shepherd and other dogs.

And, did you know that Beagles also work as bedbug detectors? These pests are difficult to see and get rid of. Amazingly, some dogs, including Beagles, can easily detect bedbugs. They can find where these pests are and stop an infestation before it happens.

5. Beagles Lived in the White House

There are also US Presidents who love dogs of different breeds. Among those canines that lived in the White House are Beagles. President Lyndon B. Johnson loved the breed and brought two beagles to live with him in the White House. He had three pets named Him, Her, and Edgar. No one knew the reason why President Johnson called his Beagles with such silly names. But the one named Edgar was a gift from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

The Beagle named Him had a litter of puppies. Two of them were kept by the President’s daughter. They were called Freckles and Kim. The former lived out the rest of its days in the White House even after its owner had left.

6. Early Beagles are Called Pocket Beagles

Beagles are classified as small dogs, but there was a point when they were so much smaller than the modern Beagle. In the 14th and 15th centuries, they call these dogs “Pocket Beagles” or “glove beagles” because of their tiny size. During this time, the maximum height of the standard pocket Beagle is only 8 to 9 inches tall at the shoulders.

Over time, the breed slowly evolved and changed for various reasons. The original tiny pocket Beagles no longer exists because they have sized up. Breeders also made Beagles bigger to enhance hunting skills. They become larger until the pocket Beagles are no more.

7. Purebred Beagles Have White Tipped Tail

A true-blue or pure Beagle has one trait that sets it apart from its close look-a-likes and other Beagle type dogs, the white-tipped tail. To the untrained eye, Beagles can quickly look like the smaller Foxhounds or, the larger Coonhounds. They have the same coat with patches of brown, black, or white.

But for breeders and Beagle enthusiasts, a true Beagle’s tail is white at the tip, even if it’s just a few white hairs at the point. This trait is more than just a physical appearance of a quality breed. This physical trait makes these hunting dogs easier to track while rabbit hunting. Their white-tipped tail is easy to stop through the woolds, brush, or tall weeds.

8. Pregnancy Detecting Beagle

You might have heard about dogs trained to detect bombs, drugs, and other illegal items. But this particular Beagle has a unique talent that made him a permanent resident of Denver Zoo. Elvis the Beagle’s main task is to detect if the Zoo’s polar bear is pregnant or not.

Elvis is trained to identify the polar bear’s condition by giving him a sample of its poop! The famous Beagle will sniff and indicate a favorable position when the polar bear is pregnant and not just having pseudopregnancy symptoms. Having a skilled detector like Elvis was a tremendous help because the zookeepers cannot easily detect the pregnancy by looking at the polar bears. Amazingly, Elvis is 97 percent accurate in identifying the polar bear pregnancy at this Zoo!

9. Beagles are Prolific Hunters

Many dog breeds work as ideal hunting companions. Some are retrievers, springers, gun dogs, and hounds. Beagles have very sensitive noses, and they work as efficient scent hounds. They accompany hunting parties and hunt through scents rather than sight. These skills were inherited from the Southern Hound and the Talbot hound.

They have incredible stamina, which makes them prolific in hunting rabbits and hares. Their hunting skills have impressed breeders and hunters. Breeders considered the Southern Hound characteristic and agility over the Talbot hound. Thus, when fox hunting became popular, they started breeding Beagles with Buckhounds, and the outcome was the Foxhounds.

Modern-day Beagles may not work as hunting dogs anymore, but they still have the same skills and instincts.

10. A Pop Culture Icon

The Beagle’s adorable good looks, friendly personality, and outstanding skills have also earned it a spot in Pop Culture history. They are well-loved characters from cartoons and movies. These loveable dogs have inspired artists, politicians, and movie directors to include them in their works.

One of the most famous pop culture Beagle characters is Snoopy from the comic strip Peanuts. He has been well-loved from then until now. Schulz found inspiration from a Beagle he grew up with. Initially, he named the character Sniffy. But he soon changed the name to Snoopy as suggested by his mother. In real life, Snoopy is an AKC registered Beagle!

Another popular Beagle character that we all will recognize is Odie from Garfield. Odie showcases the generally healthy and hale characteristics of the Beagles. He had a funny love-hate relationship with the main character, Garfield, the cat.

Also, Gromit from Wallace and Gromit is indeed a Beagle. He portrayed a brilliant hound character that helped Wallace uncover mysteries. With his level of cunningness, no one would ever question that he is a Beagle. However, it is ironic for him not to speak in the films considering that this breed is a very noisy canine.

The beloved Beagle also starred as a cowardly dog named Courage in one of the recent cartoon shows.

11. Beagles are Houdinis of the Canine World

As expert hunters, Beagles are used to running around all day through. They have very high energy levels. Aside from that, they are also brilliant in solving problems or overcoming hurdles that keep them from tracking the scent.

Thus, it can be a problem if you leave them alone in a yard for some time. They are bound to use their escaping talents and seek out entertainment elsewhere.

Moreso, the Beagles are impressive jumpers. They can spring over obstacles or dig their way out to freedom!

12. Beagles are English Dogs

Despite being one of America’s all-time favorite dog breeds, Beagles originated from England. Therefore, they are English dogs.

These dogs were first imported to America in the 19th century by General Richard Rowett. There were beagle-like hound dogs in the US during this period. But Beagles imported by General Rowett were far superior in quality. They are carefully selected for hunting and soon became the standard breed in the US.

In 1884, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the Beagles as a distinct hound dog breed. Soon after that, other kennel club followed and recognition of the modern breed ensued.

13. Beagles Need to Feel That They Are Part of A Pack

The Beagle’s hunting instincts urge them to be a part of a Beagle pack. They are highly social canines and have hunted or tracked together to find a common goal. Beagles are pack animals and it means that your pet will get along well with other dogs and prefer a canine companion.

On the other hand, this behavior may lead to some anxious tendencies in your Beagle when you leave them alone. They may not take too kindly when left alone for long periods. Some may start having destructive tendencies in their effort to escape from the house.

14. Popular Beagle Fans

The popularity of the Beagles did not escape the likes of celebrities, politicians, and royalty. Queen Elizabeth I and King James I of England are great Beagles fans.

Dr. Phil McGraw, the Television celebrity, is also a confessed Beagle fan. And of course, the singer-songwriter Barry Manilow had two famous Beagles named Biscuit and Bagel. His Beagle Bagel fan club raises money for various charities. In 1970, one of his pets was featured on this album cover.

You will even find various Beagle clubs and Beagle packs in your locality.

15. The “Goldilocks” Dogs

Beagles are unique in looks, talents, and personality. They have been described as the Goldilocks of dogs because they are neither too timid nor aggressive. They are also friendly but not fawning, and energetic, but do not require lots of exercise.

The Beagle personality is what makes them popular dog breeds among families and kids. They are generally healthy dog that loves having fun and being around children. More so, they are even-tempered, funny, and friendly. These dogs are happily sniffing around and eating!

On the other hand, Beagles can be extra naughty when they are bored. You should make an effort to provide exercise and mental stimulation. Regular obedience training will also be a plus because these dogs love having jobs.

With proper training, these dogs will make excellent canine companions. And of course, they are just the right size – not too big or not too small.

16. The Beagle Popularity

For years, various companies have studied the popularity of dog breeds in the US. The friendly Beagle has been a consistent placer in the Top Ten charts for around 30 years. They rallied in popularity among Collie breed, German Shepherd and others.

In 2017 – 2018, Beagles were voted the sixth most popular dog in America, while the Labrador dominates. In terms of numbers, the Labrador has always been the most popular dog in the last 28 years.

17. Inspired Novels for Children

Beagles also played significant characters in children’s books and movies. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, a children’s book author, found a frightened and abused dog in her visits to Shiloh, West Virginia. The experience haunted and made her decide to write a book about it.

Shiloh, the classic children’s book, is a story of a mistreated Beagle who finds a loving home with the Preston Family. It has inspired children to treat animals and family pets with care and kindness. The story of Shiloh also helped develop confidence in standing up for what is right and for having greater empathy for others.

Because of its popularity, Shiloh won a Newberry Medal and led to two more books – Shiloh Season and Saving Shiloh. There were also two movies, Shiloh and Shiloh Two: Shiloh Seasons, released in 1997 and 1999.

18. Mold and Termite Detectors

As mentioned earlier, Beagles are scent dogs with some unique jobs thanks to their powerful sense of smell. Apart from being employed by Homeland Security, these dogs are also excellent mold and termite detectors.

Molds are gross, and even if you can’t see them, they can still make you feel sick and destroy your stuff. Fortunately, some Beagles are trained to detect molds! After finding this stuff, you can take steps to get rid of them.

Another icky job where the Beagles excel is pointing towards obnoxious critters that eat the house from within. No homeowner wants to have termites in their home, and thankfully the Beagles can help! Termite experts deem the Beagle the best choice for this specialized role because of its discriminating scent skills. Termite infestations are often hidden, and these amazing dogs can find areas that human pest control specialists.


There are hundreds of reasons to love Beagles. And knowing more fun and unique facts about them makes them even more endearing! They have good looks, and they are just the “right-size,” brilliant, and full of personality. It’s no wonder they are very popular then and now.

Some pet owners consider Beagles to be the perfect canine companions. But you should also beware of health issues that may affect them. Their large ears make them prone to ear infections. These dogs are bred to hunt and work. They have high energy, and they love the outdoors. It would help if you understood that they need exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and avoid anxious behaviors. Beagles are also brilliant dogs and well-known escape artists. Thus, it would help if you were always prepared for their tricks and mischief.

With proper care, nutrition, training, and lots of love, Beagles can be one of the best companions you will ever have!