25 Most Popular Asian Dog Breeds You Never Knew Were Asians!

Famous Asian Dog Breeds (List)

Asia is the world’s largest continent. It expands across 48 countries and accounts for more than 4.5 billion people. And from each country and unique origins in this continent, comes some of the most lovable Asian dog breeds that the world loved.Years of culture and exceptional landscape has made Asia a prime breeding land for …

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20 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

Low Maintanance Dogs

Low maintenance dogs as their name suggest are pets that need little grooming on their owners’ part. These doggies are ideal pets for dog lovers or owners who have little time or money to maintain their physical well-being. There are a lot of low maintenance dog breeds for anyone who wants to have one as their …

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11 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds (Adorable and Huggable)

Big Fluffy Dog Breed List

Big fluffy dogs are prized as well as desired pets for their long fluffy coat which is soft to the touch and makes them look beautiful. Your preference on what fuzzy breeds of dogs you want as pet companion is dependent on how long, the dog lives, its height, weight, personality, etc. To make things easier …

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Meet The Popular and Excellent Service Dog Breeds

Best Dog For Anxiety,PTSD and Therapy

You may have seen a service dog doing its job. Rescue dogs aid search parties in times of calamities or trouble while service dogs help disabled people in their daily tasks. The chances are high that you have seen some of these dogs, if not all. Various dog breeds help humans, and they do make …

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15 Popular Long Haired Dog Breeds (Small, Medium & Large)

Long Hairy Dogs List

Long haired dogs with their fuzzy hair are prized and desired as pets by anyone who likes their physical form. If you want one (or already have one) of these types of canines, then you should know the basic stuff like how to care for their hair, exercise or even learn a bit of their …

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The 10 Popular and Adorable Japanese Dog Breeds

All japanese dog breeds list

Japan is famous around the world for their sushi, sneaky and awesome ninjas, and incredible manga or anime stories. But, more than these, the country also takes pride in their unique and very famous Japanese dog breeds.  In fact, the most famous pooch on the internet, Kabosu, belongs to the Shiba Inu breed that originates …

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How to Choose the Best Doodle Breed for Your Family?

Having a dog can be a wonderful addition to your family. If you have the time and resources, this furry friend can become your best companion. But which breed is ideal is best suited for your family? When you have countless options, selecting the right breed can be daunting. Doodles are becoming popular these days, …

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10 Famous Wrinkly Dog (Cute Droopy Face Canine Breed)

Wrinkly dogs list

Just when you are trying all your might to get rid of those ugly wrinkles on your face, wrinkly dogs seems to revel and love the attention they get because of their wrinkles. These pups have very adorable wrinkly skin that only further increase their cuteness quotient and make many dog lovers and fans go crazy …

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