Dog Bath Tubs: The Ultimate Bathing Solution for Your Pet

Dogs are adorable creatures until they become so stinky and so dirty they turn your home upside down! One of the many challenges that come with having a canine buddy is keeping them clean, hygienic, and always ready for cuddles. Unfortunately, not all pooches enjoy getting all wet and scrubbed to tips. You will need the best dog bath tub, the right dog grooming products, and some sweet coaxing for a fun and enjoyable bath time. 

Through training, a dog will slowly learn to enjoy their bath and grooming session. But do you need a bath tub for them? Since most dogs are restless and are anxious to escape during a bath, it becomes a necessity for many pet owners to have a large and sturdy spot for this activity. 

Ideally, you can give them a bath in your bath tub or sink. However, some dogs are not comfortable in big tubs or are easily distracted by the things they see in your kitchen sink. Thus, we’ve prepared a list of high-quality and highly-recommended bathtubs for your choices. Let’s take a look at these tubs that are sure to make bathing a more relaxed and hassle-free process for you and your pooch.


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Like most pet parents, you’d also go out of your way to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy. We want to give our pets the best care; thus, we look for high-quality products - from food, toys, gears, and grooming essentials. Now that you’re getting them some dog grooming tubs, you also want to pick out only the best. So, here are some answers to common questions and other info you should know about dog bath and grooming tubs.


Whenever you bathe and try to groom your canine companions at home, you’ll always think of possible things to make the job easier. Getting a dog bathtub might seem like too much for some, but you could not ignore the many benefits that come with having a pet tub. Here are some great benefits that come with having a handy bath and grooming tub for your pets.



a bathing spot that is the right height for you will prevent backaches due to bending and leaning over on your human-sized tub. A dog bathtub is also just the perfect size to soak your pooch. You can reach all the areas that need cleaning, and there will be less wiggle space for your pet.


getting a bathtub for your dog provides you with a dedicated space where you can wash and groom them. You can prepare everything you need before their bath and have everything you need on hand. Your pet will also learn that being in this spot means that it is bath time, and you can train them to behave when it is time for a dog washing.


a bathtub makes it extra easy for you to wash, scrub, and clean your dog in all the right places. Doing their bath in a standard tub or with a hose outside the house poses a lot of challenges like back pain from leaning over or an escaped dog whose dripping wet. A bathtub can be popped up indoors, outdoors, in the garage, on your sink, or anywhere you are comfortable. After washing your pet, everything is easy to clean and store away.


Dog owners have a specific consideration when choosing a product for their pet. These factors are mostly personal preferences and are based on their situation and needs. Here are some pointers to help you select your dog bathtub.


If you have a grooming business or looking to open one, you need a bathtub that can accommodate a wide range of dog breeds and sizes. Commercial set-ups need a more sturdy stainless steel dog bath tub because it will be continuously used, which might quickly wear out domestic grade tubs. On the other hand, if you want a bath tub that you can use in the comfort of your home, you can pick one that fits your needs. You can opt for foldable PVC tubs or elevated bathtubs for your convenience.


Some pet owners prefer to bath their pets outdoors when the weather is warm. It lessens the need to clean up, and they can enjoy the activity as much as possible. Some tubs double as padding or dip pools for your pets. These can be set up quickly and stored when not needed. 

Likewise, an indoor bath gives you a dedicated space to wash your pet with ease and convenience. These tubs can be fitted in your shower, tub, or on your kitchen sink. But of course, there is still potential splashing when bathing your pets indoors. 


The size and height of your dog tub are essential for both you and your pooch. Wash tubs that are ground-based means that you have to bend, squat, or kneel over when bathing your dog. But these tubs work best for elderly pets and those with injuries or joint pain. You can also opt for a tub with a dog ramp or just lift your dog into the tub if you prefer to wash them in an elevated tub. 

It is also essential to get a tub that is suitable for the weight of your pet and the water. Check for weight guides on your preferred product and consider some extra room, especially if you have a range of dog sizes to wash. 


Some features make the most significant selling points for many pet items. In case of a pet but, the features that pet parents tend to consider are the following:

  • Ramp or steps - if there is a built-in ramp or steps, it is easier for you to maneuver your pet in and out of the bath. It is an ideal choice for pets with joint issues and is very anxious when taking a wash.
  • Three-point harness system – having this feature will prevent dogs from moving around too much during their bath.
  • Hose – having a hose that goes with your pet tub will make it easier to wash tighter spots with accuracy. You can clean between their legs, and you are less likely to get water in their faces or ears.
  • Storage/Caddies – having caddies or places to put grooming items like shampoo and scrubbers will make things easier for you to bath your pets. You won’t be jumping back-and-forth as everything you need is within arm’s reach.


Now that you have a bathtub for your dog, you can wash them as often as needed. But the need to bathe depends on the dog and their specific needs. Frequent bathing can strip them of natural oils and leave their skin itchy and dry. 

Bath your dog only when you notice an unpleasant odor or if they have become too dirty from playing outdoors. Additionally, dogs with a skin condition may require a more regular bathing schedule as set out by your veterinarian. 


When using the dog bathtub, you should never leave them unattended once they are inside the tub. Avoid filling it up with water and leave water in it, especially when your pooch is nearby. 

Use the drain to empty its water and use a suitable hose or shower to rinse away soap in the tub. 

More so, avoid filling it with water for your pet to swim on. Make sure that your pooch is standing firmly on the tub. If your dog needs to swim to keep its head above water, it will become exhausted and stressed during their bath.  

If there is a showerhead or hose attached to the tub, use it instead of getting a bucket or dipper. This way, you can check the water temperature to ensure that it's not too cold or too hot. Also, remember to keep water pressure light when showering your pet.

Ideally, you can use a non-slip mat on the dog bathtub floor to avoid slipping and prevent accidents. Likewise, if you are bathing your pet inside your bathroom with tiled flooring, place a non-slip mat in the area.



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This foldable dog bath and swimming tub is an excellent option if you have limited space at home. It has high-density fiberboard and durable PVC material. The bottom is thick, slip-resistant, and ensures stability for everyone in the family. When opened, it is spacious enough to accommodate your pet and your kids too! The materials are eco-friendly and conform to environmental standards. It is collapsible but also a breeze to set-up and does not require inflation. This bathing tub also includes an EVA storage bag so you can take it anywhere you go or store it when not in use. Pet owners rave about its durability, functionality, and affordability!


  • High-density fiberboard and PVC material
  • Eco-friendly and conform to environmental standards
  • Collapsible and easy to clean
  • Extremely sturdy and spacious


  • Thick, slip-resistant bottom
  • Has a bottom and side drain
  • Includes EVA storage bag


  • Not chew proof for dogs
  • Can be challenging to fold up


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The Flying Pig is a well-known pet tub maker, and they have several great products to offer! The company’s portable dog and cat bathtub are a durable, rust-proof, and elevated bath station that is sure to impress pet owners like you. The tub is made from sturdy plastic material while the legs are stainless steel with levelers so you can use them on uneven surfaces. This dog grooming and bath tubs eliminate squatting, bending over and kneeling whenever you need to clean or groom your pets. It has a drain hose connector for easy cleaning and shampoo caddy to keep things within reach during a bath. If you want to save yourself from back pain, this tub should be on your shopping list.


  • Durable plastic tub with rust-proof legs
  • Levelers make it easy to use on uneven surfaces
  • Comes with a built-in drainage hose
  • Elevated to make pet bathing a comfortable experience


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and steady product
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs only
  • Some tubs have a flaw with the drain


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Another well-known brand in the pet grooming industry gives us a durable and impressive option. The Elevated Pet Bath from Booster Bath offers a stable and robust dog grooming and bath tub for large dogs. The legs are sturdy and have rubber bumpers to keep it steady. There is also a non-slip mat and the option to use additional restraining gears for added security. This tub is for indoors or outdoors use as it has UV resistance too. What makes it extra impressive are the thoughtful additions that make bathing a breeze for pet parents and groomers. Booster Bath gives you 360 access to your pet, shampoo caddies for easy access, and an elevated height to save you all the backaches. This product is for you if you want a secure, pet-friendly, convenient, and sturdy tub.


  • Made from durable UV stabilized polypropylene materials
  • Comes with a three-point restraint system
  • With rubberized mats to prevent slipping
  • Sturdy and stable legs


  • Elevated bathtub for convenience
  • Detachable legs for secure storage
  • Long-lasting and pet-friendly


  • Some pet owners find it unstable
  • There are some issues with the drainage hose falling off


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If you are looking for a professional quality dog bath tub for your furry pack, the Flying Pig has several stainless steel tubs designed for this purpose. This 50-inch rust-resistant grooming tubs and dog wash station is suitable for small to large dog breeds. It has several thoughtful features that ensure a stress-free and hassle-free session with your pets. It has a walk-in ramp, sprayer, faucet, and grooming arm. Likewise, you will appreciate its shower rack, rubber mat, and restraints that will keep your pooch securely in place. It also has a center drain that works well with any plumbing configuration and sturdy legs, which you can adjust to the height you need. This dog bath tub is a highly recommended pick for dog groomers, and if the cost is no issue to you, you can readily have this at home. Pet parents with several canine companions can do marathon baths conveniently with this product.


  • Stainless steel and rust-proof material
  • Adjustable legs for your convenience
  • Comes with sprayer, faucet, shampoo rack and center drain
  • With removable backsplashes and side splashes


  • Comes with a walk-in ramp
  • Suitable for small to large dog breeds
  • Stable and durable product


  • It comes with a high price tag
  • Some pet owners had issues with loose bolts


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This collapsible multi-use basket is not necessarily a dog bathtub or a pet grooming product. However, it works well for that! Many pet parents find everyday items a practical and durable option for showering or bathing their pets. SAMMART collapsible laundry basket has provided durable, convenient, and functional pet bathtubs. This laundry basket is collapsible, so it is easy to use, convenient, and space-saving. It is perfect for bathing pets indoors or outdoors. It is also lightweight for you to take it anywhere without worries. It is effortless to use - just pop and push the bottom when you need it and fold it back to store it. This product is multi-use, and you can use it for various other purposes around the house.


  • BPA free, non-toxic and safe for pets
  • Non-slip bottoms prevent falls and accidents
  • Lightweight and space-saver
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Folds when not in use for easy storage
  • With soft plastic handles
  • Perfect for small dog bath tub


  • Does not have any extra features
  • Can only accommodate small-sized pets


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The Pub Tub from Pet Gear is one of the top picks for dog grooming tubs for small pets weighing less than 20 pounds. Having this handy tub eliminates the backbreaking ordeal of bending over your human-sized tub to wash your small fur babies. This tub looks like those meant for human babies, but a closer look reveals some ergonomic designs that make it a perfect choice for your pup. It is deeper so you can soak in your fur babies luxuriously. It has a foam rubber mat to keep them steady during a bath, and a pair of clip-in collar restraints for safety. More so, it has caddies to hold pet shampoo and scrubbers for easy reach during your pet bath. The whole tub can fit in a double sink; thus, it is easy to fill, and you can wash your pet without breaking your back!


  • Rubberized bottom for non-slip bathing
  • With two tethers for clip-in collar restrains
  • Storage trays for shampoo and brush
  • Deep enough to soak small-sized dogs


  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Fits standard home sink
  • They are ergonomically designed for pet bathing


  • A bit pricey for its kind
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized pets only


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This foldable pet grooming tub and pool sits directly on the ground, so your pooch is secured, and there is no risk of falling in case they jump out. Your furry friend can quickly get in and out of this heavy-duty PVC bath, so there is no need to lift them. They can wiggle as much as they want as this product can withstand the wriggliest of pets. It is easy to set up, fill, drain, and fold. There is drainage at the bottom, allowing the water to drain up quickly after use. It is a perfect choice for bathing and some water play outdoors. More so, it is portable, lightweight and space-saving too!


  • High-quality PVC and plastic material
  • Safe and environmentally friendly product
  • Easy to use, convenient, and portable
  • Foldable for easy storage when not in use


  • It is larger than other products
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Waterproof, scratch-proof and durable


  • The bottom can be slippery
  • Not chew-proof for active dogs


Bathing is one of the most challenging parts of caring for your pet. Fortunately, a range of products makes this job easier and more enjoyable for you and your pooch. Bathtubs for pets lessens the stress of bath time and saves pet owners from the backbreaking activity too.  

We hope that our best dog bath tub reviews helps you find the most suitable bath time partner to keep your pets clean and always ready for a cuddle. Our top pick is the Booster Bath Large Functional Dog Bath, which provides elevated bathing comfort for pet parents. If you are after more affordable options,  Pet Gear Blue Pup Tub will be the perfect choice for you. 

Do you also have a pet tub for your canine companions? Has it made your life easier as it did for other pet parents? Share with us your experience in using them by leaving a comment at the box below! 

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