10 Best Toughest Dog Toys For Heavy Chewer Pets [TOP PICKS & GUIDE]


What qualifies as a “safe doggie toy” is the one that does not break easily into little pieces. All of the best doggy toys have that particular trait. Your pet will ingest some of the small broken parts, and they can become choking hazards or mess up with your pet's internal organs. Worse is that the toy in question has toxic materials (due to being sub-standard) that will contribute to affecting your dog’s health.


Some of the indestructible toys are only suitable for certain canines. A dog that does light chewing needs a different kind of chewing toy when compared to another pooch that is a heavy chewer. Toys that are stuffed, plushy, vinyl and latex are not fir for large chewing canines. The first two materials are potential choking hazards due to their stuffing, while the last two are not durable. Hard rubber and strong fibrous rope chewing toys are made from sturdy materials that will last long even for a heavy chewing pet. Indestructible dog toys are made from said materials so that they can last longer.


Indestructible dog toy are a bit high in their price tag. So you might be tempted to buy a rather cheap tough toy for your pet since you think that such a move can save you money. Sadly, the opposite effect happens since a cheap doggy toy does not last long and you will be replacing it more often. Let's say that one high-quality toy lasts for at least one year and a cheap toy last only a day or two. When you compare both items, you'd see that you will be replacing the cheap toy very often, while the former is the reserve situation. In short, you will be spending more money to replace the cheaper one. The toughest dog chew toys are of high quality thus can be pricey, but at least they last longer and is easy on your budget in the long run.


Durable dog chewing toys can save you money and are safe for your pet to use. Since cheap, low-quality tend to break down faster than the durable pooch toys, you will be spending more money just replacing your pooch’s toys. At the same time, there is the very high chance that your pet will swallow those bits and pieces of its toy that will become choking hazards and mess up the canine’s body. So in the end, you will waste more money in buying replacements and paying for your dog’s medical bills. The best dog toys for aggressive canine chewers will help you avoid those problems since they are stronger.


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Some of the long lasting dog toys are not for some canines even if said dog toys are durable. One of the things that make all the best dog toys last long is the material they are made from. Some elements will endure a pooch that likes to chew heavily and aggressively. The most robust doggie chewing toys made for a massive chewing dog. With that important fact in mind, here are the types of doggie toys that are not suitable for heavy chewers:


It might be tempting for you to buy a stuffed toy or plush toy since it looks adorable and is a good match for your dog. The problem with stuffed and plush toys is that their durability is very minimal if not non-existent. The best dog indestructible dog toys are made from sturdier materials, and none of them are plush or stuffed toys. Expect such type of doggie toys to last at least one day before they become useless and must be thrown into the garbage. Plush and stuffed toys pose a choking hazard for your dog since the chance of swallowing the toys' stuffing, bits or pieces are high. There's an even greater danger if the toys in question have squeakers since these things are stable.


Indestructible dog toys are made from really tough materials, and it is pretty evident from a glance that vinyl along with latex is not durable enough to not get ripped to shreds by your pet. Latex material is produced from natural sources like rubber trees, while vinyl is made from raw synthetic materials. The former is resistant to tear, puncture and is waterproof. The latter one the other hand is less expensive unlike latex and does not cause allergies. Despite these useful properties, any toy made from these materials lack durability against heavy as well as aggressive chewing.


The best indestructible toys for dogs have materials that are tough against pooches that can tear damage with their heavy chewing. Durable dog toys for small dogsas well as medium and large breeds should be made of these following materials:

  • Hard rubber – This material is the common one you’ll find in the best dog toys since they are stable and a match for a pooch that chews like there's no tomorrow. Most toy or chew toys are dog ball, stick or bone-shaped so they will maintain their forms while not getting damaged for a long time. Hard rubber also makes for an excellent bouncing toy, and some are buoyant as well. Also, hard rubber dog toys are easy to clean by hand or dishwasher.
  • Fibrous type toys – The toughest dog chew toys made from strong fibrous materials are usually rope-like in form. Sturdy fibrous chewing toys are not just tough and resistant to chewing, but they can also clean your pet's teeth. Like toys made from hard rubber, these fibrous rope toys are easy to clean. Cotton rope toys are the best for a massive chewing dog since it exceptionally thick making the toy very durable. Your pooch may ingest a few threads from fibrous canine toys, but don't worry since they will "pass-through" easily.



KONG Durable Dog Toy

KONG Classic is one of the best indestructible dog toys, and this item is the gold standard when it comes to doggy and puppy toys around the globe. This item is made from all-natural rubber and ultra-durable materials with an ideal erratic bounce that canine pets love to chew and play. This item's shape may be unusual, but it's the perfect form that will withstand your dog's chewing exercises. If you feel like adding some of your pooch's favorite treats and kibbles to minimize your pet's enjoyment of chewing, then don't hesitate to do so since this toy can handle kibble add-ons. For maximum tastiness, use KONG Easy Treats. For forty years, the product has been the top chewing toy and come in S, M, L and XL sizes.


  • This toy can be used as a fetch stick for playing with your dog
  • The item comes in a variety of sizes to suit your small, medium or large dog breed pet
  • This item has dental benefits like soothing gums and cleaning teeth of your pooch
  • You can stuff kibbles inside the product, and it's easy to clean out
  • Made from safe and non-toxic materials making it an ideal toy for canines


  • The item is very durable making it one of the durable toys in the market
  • You can stuff kibbles in the item. (KONG Easy Treats recommended)
  • Can clean your pet’s teeth and soothe its gums during playtime
  • Since this toy is reliable and safe, you can use it as a fetch stick
  • Dog trainers and veterinarians highly recommend this item as a pups’ toy


  • The product only comes in one color (red) only
  • Sizes M, L, and XL are not suitable for small dog breeds
  • You need to supervise your pet while it's playing with this toy to prevent mishaps


Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Textured Ring

Some top indestructible dog toys can clean a canine's teeth and fight tartar as well a plaque. If you like such a feature for your pet's chewing toy, then Nylabone DuraChew Ring is the definite choice for you. This item has a ring-like shape that has tough and durable nylons along with delicious flavor for a canine's taste. The Toy’s ridges and nubs are the ones keeping your pet’s clean while it chews to its heart delight on the toy. Nylabone is made from nylon that is strong enough to withstand even big dogs that chew hard.


  • Nubs and ridges of this product provide dental care to your dog
  • The item comes with a delicious flavor that will endear your pet to the toy
  • The toy is suitable for canines 50 pounds and over
  • Nylon material can withstand strong and aggressive chewers
  • Has a variety of colors that you can choose


  • You can save 31% of the item’s price
  • Free No-Rush Shipping allows you to keep another extra $0.36
  • This item provides a physical and mental diversion for your pet
  • Useful in helping to alleviate teething puppies
  • Can instill positive chewing habits on a puppy


  • The ring shape of the item may not be to everyone’s liking
  • Not a substitute for actual chewing training
  • This item is not for dogs below 50 pounds


Goughnuts - TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy

Solid dog toys come in all imaginable shapes and the Goughnuts TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy is one of those toys with a distinct form. The makers of this tug toy had the safety of your dog in mind when they designed this thing since the material is sturdy and non-toxic. You can consult for answers for any questions you may have from professionals who use the item. This Interactive doggy toy is 11 inches long, and 6 inches wide with a 1.5 inch think cross-section.


  • A Suitable tug toy for larger dog breeds
  • Durable enough to withstand large chewing canines
  • The Toy is safe for your pet’s use
  • The product is a Large-sized item suitable for large dog breeds
  • A fun item for pooches to play


  • Item is not easily damaged due to its durable materials
  • The toy is safe for both the dog and its owner
  • Your pet can play alone or with you using Dog Tug Toy
  • Good tug toy for canines that belong to large breeds
  • Price of this item is reasonable


  • Not a tug toy for small or medium dog breeds
  • The product only has one color
  • Available only in one size


Benebone Maplestick Durable Dog Stick Chew Toy

Most of the best dog toys are made from only one material, but Benebone Maplestick, Real Wood Durable Dog Stick Chew Toy, is made from nylon and real maple wood. Benebone Maplestick is safe and fun for your pet that will enjoy chewing on the item for a long time. Best of all, this stick-like is strong enough to withstand your dog jaws and will last for a long time.


  • Dog-friendly design that allows your pet to hold and chew effectively
  • Made from 100% Red Maple Wood
  • High quality as well as Safe and durable
  • Available in S, M and L sizes
  • The product is made in the USA


  • This dog chew has a real and irresistible flavor that pooches love
  • Toy is better or equal to the real thing
  • Some of the profits from this product go to doggie shelters and rescue centers
  • The ergonomic design of the toy maximizes your pet’s fun
  • The price of this item is affordable and reasonable


  • Has only one color and design
  • Only available in the US and must be shipped to outside customers
  • The product may (rarely) cause allergic reaction ins some humans and dogs



Qwizls are one of the few solid dog toys that act as a treat dispenser while being a chewing toy that gives your pooch mental stimulation. The toy also has colors that are easy to spot such as Granny Apple, Tangerine, and Aqua. If your pet is the breed that has to stay indoors, then you will be happy to know that this item can keep its mind occupied and fill its stomach at the same time. This product is an interactive treat-dispensing toy that has won awards for excellence so don’t hesitate to buy one since it safe and recommended.


  • Treat dispenser, chewing toy and puzzle all in one
  • Easy to clean by hand or dishwasher
  • Made from non-toxic materials hence making the item safe for use
  • Suitable for strong chewers especially the larger dog breeds
  • This Interactive puzzle Treat comes in S or L sizes


  • You can put any chunks, sticks biscuits or kibbles inside the toy
  • Has bright colors thus is easy to spot and find if lost
  • Life of dog treats are extended
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Guarantees extended playtime due to the mentally stimulating puzzle that that this product gives


  • The toy only has three colors
  • The Dog puzzle treat has only two sizes
  • There is a limit on what you can put in the item



Indestructible dog toys come in a variety of non-standard shape to keep pooches busy. Original Knot Bone Dog Chew Toy’s knotted ends do the job of amusing your pet while not getting destroyed easily or quickly. Rainy Valley Wares Company makes this delightful and fun pooch toy in the USA. The toy has a taste that canines will love and it's designed with aggressive as well as heavy chewer so that this item will last for a long time. This item is not just a toy for chewing, but it also has some definite benefits to your furry friend‘s physical well-being.


  • Knotted ends of the item are fun to chew by dogs
  • Has delicious chicken flavor
  • Made from tough nylon that is long-lasting
  • A suitable chewing toy for dogs 50 lbs and above
  • The product comes in regular size


  • This item helps fight your pooch’s destructive chewing tendencies
  • The toy is capable of relieving your pet’s anxieties and stress
  • Your dog will be thoroughly entertained thus getting rid of its boredom
  • Provides dental care and helps to teething pups
  • A delicious toy that canines will love


  • Only available in one size
  • Not a toy for smaller and medium-sized breeds
  • The item only has one color available



KONG Company produces some of the tough dog toys in the market and one of their wonderful products is the KONG Extreme Dog Toy. If you want a toy that you stuff with kibbles, treats or regular doggie food, then this toy definitely what you would want for your pet. This product is the best dog toys whether your pooch is a small, medium or large breed since it there are several sizes available. Also, the toy satisfies and enriches your pet's instinctual needs and playtime.


  • The Toy is made from durable materials designed to last long
  • The item's rubber can bounce erratically to fulfill your canine's playing needs
  • Kibbles, treats and doggie food can be stuffed in item
  • You can use this item as a fetch stick in addition to being a chewing toy
  • Available in S, M and L sizes


  • Easy to clean off the food and dirt sticking to the toy
  • Serves as a chewing toy and a fetch stick
  • You can use this toy as a fetch stick, you can play with your pooch
  • Able to soothe gums and clean your pet’s teeth
  • Heavy chewers can not easily damage the toy


  • This pooch Toy has only one color
  • No XL and XXL sizes available
  • Due to black-only color of the product, it might get lost easily in the night or dark spaces



Indestructible toys for heavy chewers tend to emulate or copy bones, stick, etc. to give your pet the closest thing that they can play that is close to the original. Aizara Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy is one of the toughest toys for dogs that try to emulate bones in this case. The bone-shaped Chew Toy is made from flexible, yet non-toxic materials free from BPA and Phthalte. Also, the item can promote good oral health, relax your pet and act as a training tool.


  • This item is one of the permanent chew toys for dogs that are safe
  • Can be used on water and bounces as well
  • 100% recyclable and environmental-friendly
  • You can clean the doggy toy easily
  • A suitable toy for dogs of all sizes


  • Money back guarantee if the product is damaged or not satisfactory
  • Will replace or refund the toy if you are satisfied
  • Cleans your pooch’s teeth
  • The toy can combat frustration and anxiety in canines
  • This Dog bone chew toy is a long-lasting product


  • Come in only one color
  • The chew toy is not a replacement for actual training
  • If damaged, the chewing toy is no longer useful


The toughest dog toys are for any dog owner that owns a large canine breed that is an aggressive or heavy chewer should have Oneisall Durable Dog Chew Toy Bones. Breeds like the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever are heavy aggressive chewers and will love gnawing of this toy. The nylon material of the toy is not the only thing that canines like about the toy, but its flavor as well.


  • Toy have the actual shape of bones
  • The nylon material of this product is non-toxic and durable
  • The pooch toy comes in S, M and L sizes
  • A good chewing toy to keep your pet occupied
  • Oneisall Durable Dog Chew Toy Bones comes in S, M and L sizes


  • Your dog’s teeth will become clean thanks to this item
  • If your pet accidentally swallows this chew toy, it can be excreted outside the body normally
  • The product is an interactive toy for your pooch’s playmates
  • Canines can get relief from stress
  • This chewing toy is one of the best methods to stop a dog from chewing other things


  • There is only one color available for the item
  • You need to supervise your pet when playing with this product
  • Visiting a veterinarian is still necessary if your pooch swallowed a piece


The toughest dog toys tend to one type be it a rubber ball or rope only. However, the BLUEISLAND Combine Ball Rope Dog Toy is a combination of both kinds of toy thus making the product perfect for your canine's use. The Combine Ball Rope toy is one the most substantial dog toys available since it shape and composition do not affect its durability. With the canine Toy, you can play fetch or tug of war with your pooch. The chew toy is also good for solo doggie playtime.


  • For small, medium and large canine breeds
  • The product is made from sturdy rubber and cotton making it one of best dog toys
  • Possess convex design that aids and promotes oral health in your pet
  • Your pooch will have its mental stress smoothen and be entertained by this chew toy
  • You have a rubber ball dog toy and rope toy in one unusual item


  • Made from non-toxic TPR rubber and rope
  • The company offers a replacement or refund for purchased item if damaged
  • This product reduces the anxiety, boredom and destructive behavior of your pet
  • The convex design makes this toy one of the best durable dog toys for a puppy
  • The toy is ideal for heavy chewing canines of all sizes


  • You need to supervise your pooch when it’s playing with pooch toy
  • You can only order this product in one color only
  • There is only one size available for the item

The best indestructible dog toys are the perfect things to give to your beloved pet. While these toys may seem to have a high price tag, they are worth the money that you spend on them. Buying cheaper doggie toys is an attractive move and may look to save you money, but in the long run, you are going to run into problems that will make you spend more.

Just remember that these durable doggy toys are no substitute for actual playmates (you or another canine) that your pet will like to interact. These toys are tools for making your dog happy, training and keep its destructive tendencies in check. While canines do need some alone time, they will need companionship. So pick up a toy, play with your beloved pooch and have fun.

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