10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Lay On Me

Dogs are known for being loyal and loving creatures. It is why so many people love to have dogs as pets. They seem to have the ability to sense when we are feeling down. But unlike humans, dogs do not view their owner’s personal space as “private” spaces. Dog’s usually don’t like their space invaded, …

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7 Reasons Why Do Puppies Shake and What To Do About It!

why dog shaking guide

Dogs and puppies shake or shiver for various reasons. Pet parents often notice this behavior with their new puppies. If you are new to puppy care, you might worry and ask why do puppies shake? Is it normal, or are they sick? Many dogs shake or tremble, even when it’s the surrounding is not cold. …

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10 Reasons Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face On the Ground

Every dog owner has seen their furry friend run and rubs its face on the ground. Whether on the grass, carpet, or floor, dogs will get their face on it and start rubbing in. Most pet owners are confused about the potential reasons why do dogs rub their faces on the ground? Why do dogs …

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10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Scratch The Floor

We all know that dogs can be adorable. But, they also have some actions that we might not always love. One of these quirks is scratching the floor with their paws when they are inside the house. It can be an irritating habit that drives pet owners crazy. So, why does my dog scratch the …

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Why Does My Dog Sleep At My feet? Here’s A Quick Guide

Dog sleeping on a girl's feet

Dogs can choose different areas to lay down and sleep, but often, they prefer to settle down on your feet! There is plenty of space around, so you might frequently wonder, why does my dog sleep at my feet? Until such time that your pet can talk, It will only leave you wondering about the …

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10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Sleep Between my Legs

My Dog Sleep Between my Legs guide

Have you ever wondered why your dog sleeps between your legs? It’s a question that many people have asked themselves time and time again. There are many reasons why your dog wants to be as close to you as possible. It may seem odd, but it is the most comfortable place for them when they …

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10 Reason Why Do Dogs Sleep with their Bum Facing You

Dog bum facing you guide

Having a dog as a pet brings happiness and love at home. But along with these are also some strange and funny behavior that pet parents find weird. Imagine waking up from your sweet sleep and finding your pet’s bum inches from your face! So, you’d wonder, why do dogs sleep with their bum facing …

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Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Bed? Top Reasons Why!

cute dog yawning on bed

If you always find yourself being boxed out of your bed by your pooch, you should start asking why my dog sleeps on my bed so much? Many pet parents find themselves fighting between the urge to cuddle their pets as they nap and not allowing them to hop on the bed to settle on …

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10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Wink

A wink from a dog is a sign that they’re pleased with something. It could also mean that your dog is trying to communicate with you. But what if we don’t understand why does my dog wink? Dogs cannot communicate through words; thus, dogs and humans have developed ways to communicate with each other. While …

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10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Follow Me And Not My Husband

why does my dog follow me and not my husband Guide

Dogs are a man’s best friend. But why does my dog follow me and not my husband? You may notice that your dog loves hanging out with you more than the rest of the family. Well, it’s not uncommon for dogs to have a favorite human. There are various reasons why dogs are more attached …

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